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Pull Tight Seals

Pull tight seals are the most multifunctional seals available. Seals within this category are available in various variants. For example, Pull tight seals can be provided with a smooth seal tail, a serrated seal tail or a flat seal tail.

Pull Tight Seals

About pull tight seals

Navacqs tailoring seals are the most versatile seals. This type of seal is designed to be fully donned. When the seal is fully tightened, the seal cannot be used a second time.

Every stamp unique

Each thread seal has a unique imprint. This consists of a name imprint/logo in combination with a unique ascending numbering. This combination is only produced once. Both Navacqs and the manufacturer of the seal guarantee this. For example, every beading seal is unique and fraud can be prevented.

Indicative seals

Lacing seals are available in various strengths. Despite the different strengths of the seals, all thread seals fall into the category of indicative seals. As the name implies, these seals are intended to be indicative and do not provide an additional layer of security. Seals in the category Security Seals and High Security Seals do offer extra security.

Breaking strength

A number of lashing seals have a breaking strength of between 4 and 8 kg. Seals with this breaking strength can easily be broken by hand in emergency situations. For example, these seals are often used for sealing, for example, fire reels, fire extinguishers and medical equipment. Most of the thread seals have a breaking strength of between 10 and 25 kg. These seals can still be broken with a strong hand and are mainly used for sealing, for example, trucks or collection boxes.

Seal Tail

The thread seals are available with a different seal tail. For example, a number of seals are provided with a serrated seal tail. These are also called rat tails. In addition, the bump seals are supplied with a smooth seal tail. These can be easily sealed and will not get stuck anywhere. Flat seal tail end seals provide high breaking strength.


As indicated, the lacing seals are versatile and suitable for various applications. For example, the seals are suitable for sealing trucks, collection boxes, IBC Containers, but also medical equipment and fire hose. Visit our applications page to find a suitable seal for your application.

Your own logo

All Navacqs seals are available from stock and have a standard imprint in combination with a unique ascending numbering. In addition to the stock product, there is also the possibility to personalize the seals. For example, the seal can be provided with its own name imprint/logo in combination with a unique ascending numbering. In many cases, thread seals can be supplied with a personal print with a purchase of 1,000 pieces. Contact us for the possibilities via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or