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Sealing Wire

Seal wire is suitable for sealing in combination with seal wires. The sealing wire is available in various diameters and materials, including stainless steel. Each type of seal wire consists of a core wire and a second wire wrapped around the core wire.

Sealing Wire

About sealing wire

Navacqs sealing wire is suitable for sealing in combination with sealing wires and available in various diameters. Varying from steel wire that can only be broken with a pair of nippers to wire that can be broken manually in emergency situations can be broken. In addition, the special wire is available in various materials and packaging, each suitable for a specific application.

The composition

To achieve maximum security, the seal wire is manufactured from two steel wires. The thickest steel wire is the core wire. A thinner steel wire is then wrapped around the core wire. Thanks to this combination, the wire can no longer be pulled out of the seal seal when the seal wire has been pressed into the seal seal.


The Navacqs sealing pliers are used to squeeze the seal seal with the seal wire. These pliers have been specially developed for sealing seals and wire. The mold in the sealing pliers can be engraved. A text (5 to 6 characters) or logo can be engraved in the die of the sealing pliers. The print of the engraving is pressed into the seal seal when you squeeze the seal. This creates a unique seal with a personal mark.


The seal wire is supplied in different materials. The most common material is galvanized/galvanized steel wire suitable for most applications. In addition, the sealing wire is available in a special stainless steel (Stainless Steel) variant. It concerns type 304L stainless steel and is resistant to extreme conditions.


Navacqs supplies two types of sealing wire, namely a 50/30 variant and a 20/20 variant. The numbers indicate the diameters of the core wire and the second wire wrapped around the core wire. The 50/30 sealing wire has a core wire with a diameter of 0.50 mm and a second wire of 0.30 mm. The total diameter of the 50/30 wire is 1.10 mm. The 20/20 sealing wire has a core wire with a diameter of 0.20 mm and a second wire of 0.20 mm. The total diameter is 0.60 mm.


The 50/30 sealing wire is mainly used for sealing gas, water and electricity meters (in consultation with the network operator). This is done in combination with a seal seal. The 20/20 seal wire is less strong and can easily be broken by hand. With this property, this seal wire is suitable for sealing, for example, fire extinguishers or fire reels, but also for other applications where a low breaking strength is required.


Both the 50/30 seal wire and the 20/20 wire are supplied on spools. The special stainless steel wire is also supplied on a spool. Thanks to this packaging, any desired length can be cut. Only the 50/30 sealing wire is supplied in pre-cut bundles of 20 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm in addition to a spool. Each bundle consists of 1,000 pre-cut wires and provides additional time efficiency.