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Security Seals

Seals are designed to prevent fraud, damage and theft and are available in all shapes and sizes. From container seals for sealing containers to security labels for sealing first aid kits. A suitable seal for every application.

Security Seals

About security seals

Seals are available in all shapes and sizes and have been specially developed to prevent fraud, damage and theft. The first category is related to the strength of the seal, namely High Security Seals . This category includes all container seals with the ISO17712: 2013 certificate. Seals such as Bolt Seals and Cable Seals belong to this category. In addition, seals are available that form a combination of these seals.

  • Provided with ISO17712: 2013 Certificate
  • Suitable for sealing containers
  • Extra high breaking strength and controlled quality

Threaded seals

Most of Navacqs’ seals are in the category of button-on seals . These seals can be fully donned and are often compared to tie wraps. However, tie wraps are not printed and not designed to prevent fraud, damage or theft. Seals within this category are available in various variants. For example, lacing seals can be provided with a smooth seal tail, a serrated seal tail or a flat seal tail. The choice of seal tail depends on the application. In general, flattened seal tail thread seals have a higher breaking strength. Seals with a smooth seal line, on the other hand, are easy to pass through certain closures.

  • Suitable as an indicative seal
  • Seal tail fully on
  • Available in different sizes and strengths

Band Stamps

In addition to the lacing seals of, there are also seals available that have a fixed user length, the so-called band seals or Fixed Length Seals. These seals can be easily clicked on and have a wide seal tail. This ensures that these seals have a high breaking strength.

  • Fixed user height
  • Easy to seal by hand
  • Extra high breaking strength due to wide seal tail

Cable Seals

The Cable Seals category includes seals that have an aluminum housing and a steel wire with a standard length of 300 mm. The combination of these materials creates an extremely strong seal. Navacqs has 3 types of Cable Seals of which 2 types also fall in the category High Security Seals , namely the Cable Seal 350 and Cable Seal 500. The Cable Seals are designed in such a way that reuse is impossible. The steel wire will fray when it is broken. It is therefore no longer possible to replace it.

  • High-quality components made of aluminum and steel wire
  • Steel wire fraying after breaking, making reuse impossible
  • Provided with ISO17712: 2013 certification (except Cable Seal 150)

Padlock Seals

The most compact and versatile seals are in the Padlock Seals category. The seals are called Padlock Seals because the shape is compared to a padlock (padlock). This type of seal falls under the indicative seals and is easy to seal by hand. These seals can also be easily broken thanks to the well thought-out design.

  • Compact and versatile
  • Easy to close and remove by hand
  • Indicative seals

Security Labels

Also Security Labels belong to the Navacqs range of seals. These seals, like the other products, have been specially developed to prevent fraud. Security Labels are also called safety labels or safety labels and can be divided into 2 subcategories. The difference lies in the type of residue of the Security Labels. For example, they can belong to the Zero Transfer/No Residue subcategory where the label does not leave an anti-fraud layer on the surface. With this type of Security Label, a notification is only displayed in the label when it is open. In addition to a message in the label, a Total Transfer/High Residue label also leaves an anti-fraud layer on the surface. Because the labels consist of two layers that separate from each other when removed, it is not possible to stick them back. As a result, fraud is immediately visible and reuse is impossible.

  • Available in Zero Tra nsfer/Low Residue and Total Transfer/High Residue
  • Fraud immediately visible
  • Reuse impossible

Security Tape

The Security Tape category includes all kinds of Security Tape. The special tape has been developed to make fraud immediately visible. When removing the tape, just like with Security Labels , a message appears stating that the Security Tape has been removed. An anti-fraud layer is also left on the surface. After that, it is no longer possible to stick the Security Tape back. This makes fraud immediately visible. The tape is available in different variants. For example, you can choose a variant that immediately shows that it is a Security Tape. It is also possible to use a Security Tape on which it is not visible that it is a Security Tape. Only when the tape is removed does this become visible. To simplify the use of Security Tape, each roll fits on regular tape dispensers.

Seal Wire, Seal Seals and Seal Tongs

Finally, there is the possibility of sealing with sealing wire and seal leads . To use these 2 products, the use of a sealing plier is required. This is the traditional way of sealing. The Navacqs sealing wire is available in different variants. The standard seal wire is made of galvanized iron. Use can also be made of stainless steel (stainless steel sealing wire). Both types of sealing wire have a core wire of 0.5 millimeters and a second wire of 0.3 millimeters that is wrapped around the core wire. The sealwire 20/20 is a lighter version and has a core wire of only 0.2 millimeters. The second wire also has a diameter of 0.2 millimeters and is wrapped around the core wire, just like the other variants. This ensures that the seal wire cannot be moved when the wire is pressed/pressed into the seal bob with the sealing pliers.

The lead seals from Navacqs consist of different variants. First of all, the seal seals are available in lead variants with a diameter of 8 and 10 mm. An alternative to the lead seal seals are the plastic seals . This type of seal lead is available in all kinds of bright colors, making them stand out in any situation. The most durable and high-quality seal seals are the aluminum seal seals . Thanks to the use of aluminum, these leads are suitable for long-term purposes.

To seal the seal wire and the seal seals, the use of a sealing pliers is required. Navacqs sealing pliers are suitable for sealing all types of seal seals. To give the seal seals a unique characteristic, it is possible to engrave the sealing pliers . For example, a logo or name imprint can be engraved.