Security Labels

Security Labels are versatile seals and available in two types, namely with or without residue. For example, Security Labels with residue leave an indelible layer on the surface. Security Labels without residue, on the other hand, do not leave a layer on the surface.

Security Labels

About security labels

Navacqs Security Labels are suitable for fraud prevention and/or visibility. Security Labels are also referred to as security labels or security stickers. The labels consist of 2 layers that are not visible in advance. Only when the label is removed will the layers separate from each other in the form of a void message/fraud report. This message appears as a text in the label “Opened/void”. Once the label has been opened, it cannot be pasted back unseen. The notification remains visible at all times.

Residue Type

Security Labels can be placed in two categories, namely labels with a residue or without a residue. This means that a Security Label with a residue leaves an indelible layer on the surface. As a result, the void message is not only displayed in the label, but also on the background. The labels without residue leave no adhesive residue on the surface and the void message is only visible in the label. The safety labels with residue are also called Total Transfer or High Residue labels. Security Labels without residue are called Zero Transfer or No Residue labels.

With residue

Security Labels with residue are mainly used for sealing single-use packaging, including sealing boxes and envelopes. The layer on the surface cannot be removed and therefore the packaging cannot be reused.

Without residue

The safety labels without residue are suitable for sealing, among other things, first aid kits and electronic devices that must not be opened for warranty purposes. Medical devices can also be easily sealed with Security Labels without residue. This not only prevents fraud, but also guarantees hygiene and sterility.


For best results with Security Labels, the surface should be clean and free of grease. As a result, the adhesive of the labels adheres optimally. The safety labels must also be applied for at least 24 hours. With a shorter timeframe, the label cannot display the full fraud alert.

Each Security Label unique

Each Security Labels has a unique print that is only produced once. The print is a combination of a text or logo combined with a unique ascending numbering. This ensures that every label is unique and fraud can be prevented.

Your own Security Label

The Security Labels are supplied from stock with a standard print and unique ascending numbering. It is also possible to personalize the Security Labels. For example, the safety labels can be supplied in various colors. In addition, the labels can be provided with their own name imprint or logo. Finally, the Security Labels can be produced in any desired size on request. For the possibilities, contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or