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Webbing Slings

As the name implies, Navacqs webbing slings are suitable for safely lifting your load. The breaking strength of each sling is indicated by the color. These slings are made of polyester and manufactured according to the NEN1492 standard.

Webbing Slings

About webbing slings

Lifting straps are used for lifting heavy equipment. A choice can be made between lifting straps with a double strap layer provided with loops, as well as round slings. The slings are made of 100% polyester and meet all legal safety requirements. The color plays an important role; it determines the type and the associated maximum workload. All slings are custom made.


Type of belt: With loops, endless
Length: Optional
Material: Polyester

Type W.L.L. Width Color
PS030 1,000 kg 30 mm Violet
PS060 2,000 kg 60 mm Green
PS090 3,000 kg 90 mm Yellow
PS120 4,000 kg 120 mm Gray
PS150 5,000 kg 150 mm Red
PS180 6,000 kg 180 mm Brown
PS240 8,000 kg 240 mm Blue