LAST UPDATE: 28-10-2022

Your privacy is important to us. Navacqs Seal Suppliers B.V. takes care to handle your personal data with care. The processing of your data is done in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. We place cookies on your device and like to be transparent about the reasons and 3th party service we use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer/tablet/phone by a website. Cookies have different functions. On the one hand, we use cookies to ensure that the website works properly (functional cookies). Secondly, we collect information about visit (duration), number of visitors and user flow of the website. Finally, we place cookies to be able to display an advertisement after a visit.

1) Functional cookies

To allow the website to function properly, we use functional cookies. These cookies ensure that:

  • Info is passed from one page to the next, for example when filling in data
  • If you have placed a product in the shopping basket, its contents will be visible during your next visit
  • You can register as a user and log in
  • Your language preference is remembered
  • The online chat works properly

2) Statistics and analysis

Statistics are displayed of all the information we collect. By looking at this data, we learn more about our visitors and can serve you better in the future. We use this information to improve our ease of use. Examples include a clickable price table and improvements to the structure of the menu. The following are covered by cookies:

  • The number of visitors to pages on this site is tracked
  • Time spent per page visited is tracked
  • The order in which visitors visit our pages is tracked
  • Search keywords are recorded
  • The clicking behaviour of visitors is recorded
  • By placing a cookie, a distinction is made between a new visitor and a returning visitor

3) Advertisements

If you have visited our website, we may display advertisements after your visit. For example, an advertisement by Navacqs on another website or in a (mobile) app. Cookies are placed for the following reasons:

  • To prevent you from seeing an advertisement too often, a record is kept of how often it has been shown
  • Per adclick, Navacqs pays an amount to the advertisement space vendor.

Overview of cookies used

Cookie name Retention period Set by Placement Reason More informatie
_gcl_au 1 week Google Ads Always* We measure how well our ads perform and pay Google for placing ads.
IDE 6 months Always*
_ga 1 week Google Analytics Always* We track which pages are visited, visit duration, which products are shown and which products are eventually purchased.
_gat Session** Always*
_gid 1 day Always*
_clck 1 week Microsoft Clarity After your consent We make screen captures of each visit where cookies are accepted. All privacy-sensitive fields such as phone number and address are made unreadable. We use this information to improve usability.
_clsk 1 day
CLID 6 months
6 months
NavacqsInternal Unlimited Navacqs Always We exclude Navacqs employees from measurements Please contact us!
1 year Always We record whether or not you have accepted the additional cookies
woocommerce_cart_hash Session** WooCommerce Always WooCommerce is the part of WordPress on which the Navacqs webshop runs. We set some cookies to know, for example, which language is selected and which items have been viewed previously.
woocommerce_items_in_cart Session** Always
woocommerce_recently_viewed Session** Always
wp_woocommerce_session_ 2 days Always
wp-wpml_current_language Session** Always
_PCCID 6 months Purechat Always We use an external application to chat with you as a visitor.
_PCCSID_ Session** Always

* Google sets up measurements so that basic information is always sent. Part of the information we send to Google is whether or not you consent to advertisements. If you do not give this consent, Google limits the data collection of personal data. Read more here about how this so-called “consent mode” works.

** A session ends as soon as you close the Navacqs website.


The information above has been compiled with care. Nevertheless, information may be missing or incorrectly explained. We are dependent on third parties for a correct explanation of how cookies work and act accordingly.
Do you have any questions or comments about our cookie policy? Please contact us!