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Container Locks

Container locks from Navacqs are suitable for securing containers and trailers. A number of the high-quality container locks, including the Cobra Container Lock, bear the SCM quality mark. Many transport insurance companies require a container lock with an SCM quality mark.

Container Locks

About container locks

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Container locks have been specially developed for securing and locking containers. The range of Navacqs container locks consists of a number of types. The Cobra Container Lock is the most advanced and strongest lock available. This lock is equipped with a heavy cast iron shackle and a high quality Abloy PL-358 padlock. This combination provides the lock with a SCM certificate. Many transport insurance companies require a container lock with an SCM quality mark. The Budget Container Lock offers an optimal price/quality ratio and ensures that unauthorized people cannot reach your cargo/property. Both container locks are adjustable and therefore fit the most common containers. The container locks can also be used to lock and secure, for example, trailers and trucks.

In addition to the range of container locks, Navacqs also offers solutions against theft of trailers. The Andis 1100 kingpin lock is a high-quality trailer lock that fits any 2.5 ”kingpin. Thanks to the use of heavy materials and an Abloy cylinder, the trailer lock has an SCM quality mark.

Every export container is provided with a High Security Seal. This seal is intended to prevent fraud, but also serves as an extra barrier. The Seal Screener SP-4 can be used to provide additional security for the container sealing