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Ratchet Straps

The Navacqs Lashing Straps are suitable for securing cargo. In addition to the standard range of lashing straps, Navacqs is a specialist in custom lashing straps. Each lashing strap is manufactured according to the European standard 12195.

Ratchet Straps

About ratchet straps

Lashing straps are used for fixing and securing loads. A suitable lashing strap is available for every type of load. The strength of the lashing strap is determined by a number of factors, including the type of strap fabric and the type of ratchet or buckle. Lashing straps are also called lashing straps.

The type of lashing strap

Lashing straps can be divided into two main categories, namely 1-piece and 2-piece straps. As the name implies, 1-piece lashing straps consist of 1 part, namely a ratchet or buckle and a piece of webbing. This type of lashing strap is also called an endless lashing strap.

A 2-piece lashing strap consists of two parts. The first part is called the ratchet part. This part therefore consists of a ratchet, a hook and a piece of band fabric. In general, the ratchet part has a standard length of 0.50 m. The second part of the lashing strap consists of a piece of webbing and a hook. This part is placed in the ratchet and then tightened.

The straps are supplied in a number of standard widths of polyester webbing, namely in 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm. The wider the webbing, the stronger the strap.

Another important part of the lashing strap is the type of ratchet. The webbing is stitched to the ratchet. For lighter applications, lashing straps are supplied with a so-called clamp buckle. This is also called a baggage belt. A ratchet is used for heavier applications. With a ratchet, the strap can be easily tightened and secured. This is not possible with a clamp buckle.

With a two-piece lashing strap, various finishes can be chosen. Most lashing straps are finished with a pointed hook. The lashing straps can also be fitted with a claw hook or a fitting suitable for strap rails.

The breaking strength of a lashing strap is displayed in the so-called LC value. The letters LC stand for Load Capacity. For 1-piece tensioning straps (endless straps) there is one breaking strength. With 2-piece lashing straps, a double breaking strength is shown. For example, the breaking strength of the strap is displayed when used in a straight line (horizontal use). With top-over lashing, the breaking strength of the lashing strap is doubled. This information is stated on the strap label.

Labels in straps

In Europe, lashing straps must be labeled. The color of the label indicates the material of the strap: blue=polyester (PES), green=polyamide (PA), brown=polypropylene (PP). This label contains all the features and specifications of the lashing strap. The following information is stated on the label:

  • LC value (maximum straight line pull) *
  • SHF value *
  • STF value
  • The EN 12195-2 number (Manufactured according to European standards)
  • The feature that lashing straps may not be used for lifting purposes
  • LC value when stretching horizontally
  • LC value at top lashing (only with 2-piece lashing straps)
  • The material
  • The stretch on the media
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • The length of the lashing strap
  • The item code
  • Year of manufacture

The label is attached to the stitching and is therefore always visible. For added security, a small portion of the label is also woven into the stitching. The label is sometimes cut off. In the event of problems or breakage, it is then not possible to view the specifications of the lashing strap. At this point, the stitching is removed to reveal the second portion of the label.

Production and control

Lashing straps are an important safety aspect in cargo securing. To guarantee the tensile strength and quality of each strap, Navacqs only supplies straps that are produced according to European standard 12195. This number is also stated on the label of the strap. Check with each lashing strap whether this standard is stated.
For extra control, the straps are tested at random times on a specially designed tensile tester. This device measures the tensile strength of the strap. The results must correspond to the specifications of the tire. There are also regular checks on the finish of the lashing strap.


Lashing straps are the most versatile cargo securing products. The combinations between ratchets, hooks, colors, lengths and widths are very wide. The standard stock of Navacqs products are therefore extremely suitable for most applications. For special applications it is possible to have the lashing straps produced according to your wishes.

For example, the lashing straps are available in various strengths. The strength of the lashing strap depends on a number of factors, namely the strap width, the type of ratchet and the type of hook. In many cases, the weakest link is the determining factor. The most common belt widths are 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm. Lashing straps can also be supplied with a strap width of 75 mm. However, this is not very common.

The type of ratchet of the lashing strap also depends on the breaking strength and the strap width. A number of types are possible with the lashing straps with a strap width of 25 mm, including a simple clamp buckle, a so-called hobby ratchet or a professional ratchet. Also at 35 mm it is possible to use different types of ratchets.

With a two-piece lashing strap, the end of the strap is provided with a certain finish. The most common finish is the so-called pointed hook. A suitable pointed hook is available for every bandwidth and provides extra ease of use. In addition, the lashing strap can be provided with, for example, a rail clip that fits into the tie rails of a truck. Carabine hooks or eyes can also be stitched to the strap.

The length of the lashing strap can be determined entirely according to your wishes. For example, it is possible to supply the lashing strap with a length of 1.40 meters or 25 meters. The length of the lashing strap is the total length including the buckle/ratchet and any finishes (hooks). The lashing strap can also be supplied in various colors, including red, blue, yellow, white, orange, green, black and gray.

Finally, the straps can be printed. This makes the strap unique and reduces the risk of theft. Is it possible to print both text and logo on the strap. The text or logo can be printed in black. 

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