Abloy PL358T Padlock


The high-quality padlocks from Navacqs are suitable for many applications. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the thoughtful design, the padlocks are suitable for long-term use. In addition, the padlocks are resistant to extreme weather conditions.


About padlocks

Navacqs padlocks stand for durable quality in combination with a high breaking strength. The Abloy locks are made of high quality hardened steel that is resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions. This allows the padlocks to be used for long term purposes.
The strength of these padlocks is determined by the CEN classification. For example, the Abloy PL330 has a CEN class 3 and the Abloy PL340 a CEN class 4. The strongest padlock from Navacqs is the Abloy PL358 with a CEN class 5. This class is equal to the condition of EN12320.

From stock, each padlock is supplied with 2 keys per lock. A security card is also supplied with the padlocks. This card has a key number and card number. This is required to order extra keys or to order locks with the same cylinder. It is therefore important to keep the card in a safe place.