250 ml glass sample bottle

Glass samples bottles

Glass sample bottles are resistant to most acids and bases, making it an excellent choice for storing such substances. It is also generally resistant to organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, and acetone. Additionally, a glass sample bottle is suitable for storing biological samples like blood samples and other biological fluids.

Glass samples bottles

About glass samples bottles

Glass sample bottles are highly suitable for sampling and is widely used in various industries due to its neutral and inert properties (it does not chemically react with other substances).

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Industries where the glass sample bottle is used:

Chemical industry: For storing and transporting chemicals that must not interact with their container.

Pharmaceutical industry: Used for both raw materials and finished products that must remain pure without the risk of leakage of harmful substances from the container.

Environmental science: Ideal for collecting environmental samples such as water and air, where the integrity of the sample is crucial.

Food and beverage industry: For storing food and beverages that must not react with their packaging.

Research and laboratories: For collecting, storing, and analyzing various samples in a controlled setting.


A glass sample bottle is ideal for accurately collecting samples because they are chemically inert. This makes a glass sample bottle perfect for the safe storage of sensitive substances, as glass does not leach substances that could contaminate the contents. Additionally, transparent glass allows visual inspection of the contents without opening the container, which is essential for quality control and research. These properties make a glass sample bottle a reliable choice for sampling, storage, and analysis.