Zeecontainer verzegeld met cable seal

Cable Seals

The Cable Seals have an aluminum housing and a steel wire that fray when broken. As a result, these seals cannot be reused. The Cable Seal 350 and Cable Seal 500 also have the ISO 17712: 2013 certification and are suitable for container transport worldwide.

Cable Seals

About cable seals

The Cable Seals are strong and high-quality seals. The seal consists of two parts, namely: an aluminum housing and a steel wire. Inside the aluminum housing, the end of the steel wire is securely welded. The other end of the steel wire can then be pulled through an opening through the aluminum housing.

Single use

Inside the housing there is a special mechanism with gears so that the steel wire can only go in one direction. When the Cable Seal is fully on, the seal cannot be pulled back. As a result, the Cable Seals cannot be reused.

Very strong wire

The steel wire of the Cable Seals Consist of several small steel wires with core varying from 1.5 mm to 5 mm. The steel wires are wrapped around each other and welded at the end. When broken, the steel wire will come loose and fray. This prevents the wire from being pulled through the housing again.

Each seal is unique

In addition to the above fraud prevention aspects, the Cable Seals are also provided with a unique print. The imprint consists of a name imprint combined with a unique ascending numbering. This combination is only produced once. This makes each Cable Seal unique.

The dimensions

The Cable Seals are supplied with different diameters of steel wire. The lightest version is the Cable Seal 150. This seal has a steel wire diameter of 1.5 mm. Thanks to this thickness, the seal cannot be broken by hand.

Export of containers

Two types of Cable Seals fall into the High Security Seals category, namely the Cable Seal 350 and Cable Seal 500. These seals have a diameter of 3.5 mm (Cable Seal 350) and 5.0 mm (Cable Seal 500). They can only be broken with solid bolt cutters. The Cable Seal 350 and Cable Seal 500 are therefore provided with the ISO 17712: 2013 certificate and are mainly used for sealing export containers.

Your own logo

The Cable Seals from Navacqs are available from stock and have a standard print in combination with a unique ascending numbering. In addition to the stock product, there are various possibilities to personalize the seals. For example, the Cable Seals can be provided with their own name imprint/logo in combination with a unique ascending numbering. For the possibilities, contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or sales@navacqs.com.