Product description Cable Seal 150

The Cable Seal 150 is a strong seals thanks to the 1.5 mm steel wire. It is a versatile Cable Seal that can be used for sealing flanges, couplings and trolleys with valuable items. The seal consists out of an aluminum housing and steel wire. Reuse is impossible because the steel wire frayed when broken. The Cable Seal 150 is a suitable alternative to a Pull Tight Seals in a situation where it must be totally impossible to break the seal by hand. The Cable Seal 150 is printed with unique numbering as standard. In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Cable Seal 150 with a personalized print.

Security Seal with a high breaking strength of 330 kg

The Cable Seal 150 is an extremely strong security seal compared to a Pull Tight Seals. Thanks to a strong closing mechanism and a special braided steel wire, this seal has a breaking strength of 330 kg. Inside the housing is a gear that can only rotate in one direction. It is very easy to apply the seal, without the need for tools. Thanks to the sturdy steel wire, a tool is required to break the seal.

Thanks to its high breaking strength, the Cable Seal 150 belongs to the Security Seals category. Seals in this category cannot be broken by hand. Seals that can be broken by hand fall into the category indicative seals, such as the Plastic Pull Tight Seals. A category above the Security Seals is the category High Security Seals . These seals are suitable for international container transport.

Flexible steel wire; suitable for tight openings and bent latches

The steel wire of the Cable Seal 150 is flexible thanks to its relatively thin diameter of 1.5 mm. This makes sealing easy, even if there is little space. For example: sealing a calibrated technical part in a machine or vehicle. Another application is a (bent) lock in the heavy industry or offshore sector.

With Cable Seals with a larger diameter, the steel wire is quite stiffer. An example of a thicker cable seal is the 3.5 mm wide Cable Seal 350 , which also has another application. This Cable Seal 350 is customs approved and is used when exporting a sea container.

Steel wire (1.5 mm) frayed when broken, making reuse impossible

The wire of the Cable Seal 150 consists of a series of thin steel wires woven together. The total diameter is 1.5 mm. The thinner wires that are woven together have a diameter of 1.15 mm. The 1.15 mm wire also consists of stranded wires with a diameter of 0.35 mm.

The special wire has two functions: On one hand, the cable provides grip in the housing / lock. On the other hand, the twisted wire ensures that unauthorized persons cannot commit fraud unnoticed. When cutting the steel wire, the thin wires will fray. As a result, it is not possible to reseal the steel wire of the seal. Reuse is impossible with the Cable Seal 150. This makes it a very safe seal.

Suitable for sealing flanges, couplings, trolleys with valuable items

The unique properties of the Cable Seal 150 ensure that the seal is suitable for various applications. The flexible steel wire makes it possible to seal trolleys with valuable items. The Cable Seal 150 serves also as a lock. Flanges and couplings can also be easily sealed with the Cable Seal 150. The high breaking strength and high-quality components ensure a solid seal for the long term.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The Cable Seal 150 has a unique print. From stock, the seal is printed with the text “CS 150 SEALED” in combination with a unique consecutive numbering. Navacqs and the manufacturer both ensure that each combination is only produced once.

In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Cable Seal 150 with a personalized print. This with your own company name or logo. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities. It is also possible to offer the Cable Seal in various other wire lengths and the wire can be made of stainless steel.