Doos verzegeld met tape

Security Tape

Security Tape is suitable for sealing boxes. The special tape has been developed to make fraud immediately visible. When removing the tape, a message will appear that the Security Tape has been removed. An anti-fraud layer is also left on the surface.

Security Tape

About security tape

The Security Tape from Navacqs is a packaging tape suitable for sealing boxes. In addition to sealing boxes, stretch film from pallets can also be sealed with certain types of tape.

How it works

The Security Tape consists of two layers. These two layers are not visible before use and after installation. Only when the tape is removed do the two layers separate and a void message/fraud message appears in the tape. In addition to the message in the tape, the tape will leave an indelible layer on the surface. It is then no longer possible to glue it back. The text in the tape remains visible.


With Security Tape you can choose a tape with or without printing. With tape without print, it is not immediately clear that an anti-fraud tape has been used. This is not visible until the tape is removed.

The Label Lock Security Tape from Navacqs does have an imprint. This imprint indicates that it is a security tape. The tape also has a unique incremental numbering every 150 mm and can also be used as a label thanks to the tear strip.

Easy to use

The Security Tape is supplied as standard on rolls with a length of 50 meters. Thanks to the standard size of the roll, the tape fits on any common tape dispenser. This combines ease of use and security.


Both the Security Tape SK-72 and the Label Lock Security Tape are suitable for sealing boxes. Only the Label Lock is suitable for sealing stretch film on pallets.


Besides the stock Navacqs products, it is possible to personalize the tape. For example, the tape is available in several colors and can be provided with your own name imprint or logo. For the possibilities, contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or