Keuringssticker knippen met controletang

Hole Punch Pliers

The Hole Punch Pliers are mainly used for checking and verifying control stickers on equipment/machines. Checking entrance tickets, for example, is also possible with Navacqs Hole Punch Pliers.

Hole Punch Pliers

About hole punch pliers

Hole Punch Pliers are high-quality pliers with a mark/punch that can be cut into paper, cardboard and plastic (cards). Hole Punch Pliers are also called a conductor’s pliers.


The pliers can be supplied in two variants, namely a high-quality durable model (NCT-2) and a budget-friendly model (NCT-1). Both pliers are standard equipped with a round mark, also called punch. The budget-friendly model is suitable for regular use. When the Hole Punch Pliers are used frequently, the high-quality control pliers are suitable. The NCT-2 is more solidly constructed and made of solid metal.


The budget-friendly pliers from Navacqs are suitable for cutting paper and cardboard. For example, entrance tickets and control stickers can be easily cut/checked. This makes it immediately visible that the entrance ticket has been used or when the inspection has taken place. The high-quality control pliers NCT-2 are also suitable for cutting entrance tickets and control stickers. In addition, the high-quality control pliers can also be used for cutting plastic cards.


Both models of Hole Punch Pliers have a standard mark/punch, namely round. The NCT-2 is also immediately available with a triangle as a feature/punch. In addition to the stock models, it is possible to provide the high-quality NCT-2 control pliers with many other features/punches. This varies from different characters, letters and numbers. All possibilities are shown in the document below.

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