Product description Hole Punch Plier NCT-1

The Hole Punch Plier NCT-1 is a lightweight, economical punching plier. This cutter can be used for cutting entrance tickets or maintenance stickers. The pliers are suitable for paper and cardboard and are designed for occasional use. Hard materials, such as plastic cards, cannot be punched with this.

Simple lightweight check pliers

Hole Punch Plier NCT-1 is a very easy-to-use control forceps. The pliers are made of thin metal. This makes it extra light in weight. Furthermore, this conductor rod is not solid but formed in a mould. This gives the pliers a weight of only 57 grams. For example, the NCT-1 control pliers can easily be taken with you. The Control Pliers NCT-3 is an alternative to the NCT-1 but is made of solid stainless steel. This makes the pliers heavier and more suitable for the long run.

Suitable for occasional use

The simple Hole Punch Plier NCT-1 has been specially developed for occasional use. The materials used and build quality make these test pliers very cost-effective. A control plier for more regular use, the (heavier-duty) NCT-3 is a suitable alternative. For intensive use, the high-quality inspection plier NCT-2  is suitable.

Equipped with a jaw depth of 20 mm

The Hole Punch Plier NCT-1 has a jaw depth of 20 mm. This makes it easy to punch compact stickers or strip cards. For a deeper jaw, we recommend the NCT-3 with a jaw depth of 30 mm or the NCT-2 with a jaw depth of 35 mm.

Suitable for cutting control stickers and paper, among other things

Thanks to the cost-effective design and materials used, the Hole Punch Plier NCT-1 is suitable for cutting in paper and cardboard. For example, control stickers in elevators or industrial machines can be cut with NCT-1. These stickers indicate when the next inspection must take place. Paper entrance tickets can also be cut with these pliers. These pliers are not suitable for plastic cards. The heavier-duty NCT-2 or NCT-3 are suitable for this.

None of the control pliers are suitable for cutting leather belts.

Available from stock with round (3 mm) punch

The Hole Punch Plier NCT-1 is available from stock with a round punch. The punch has a diameter of 3 mm. No other types of punch are available. Only with the Inspection pliers NCT-2 and NCT-3, there are possibilities for other punching shapes, such as a square, star or other unique characters. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.