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Sealing pliers

The sealing pliers are suitable for sealing lead seals. The sealing wire is pressed into the sealing lead by a plier. Optionally, each plier can be equipped with an engraving. This creates a unique seal.

Sealing pliers

About sealing pliers

Navacqs sealing pliers are suitable for sealing in combination with sealing rods and sealing wire. In addition, the traditional Roll Tin Seal Pliers also fall into the category of sealing pliers. The pliers are mainly used for sealing gas, water and electricity meters.

Different sealing tongs

The Navacqs sealing pliers are available in two variants, namely the NZT-1 and NZT-2, where the abbreviation NZT stands for Navacqs Sealing Pliers. The NZT-1 pliers are suitable for squeezing seal seals. Both plastic and lead seal seals can be easily squeezed shut with the NZT-1 pliers. Navacqs seal seals are supplied with a diameter ranging from 8 mm to 10 mm. To squeeze every seal seal optimally, Navacqs offers two types of NZT-1 pliers, namely with a mold of 10 mm and a mold of 12 mm.

Tinplate sealing pliers for tinplate stamps

The Roll Tin Sealer NZT-2 is suitable for sealing roll tin seals. The sealing wire or sealing rope can easily be placed in the seal and then “rolled up” by the roll-up sealing pliers. This creates an extremely secure seal and can no longer be opened. Due to the special seal wire from Navacqs, the wire cannot be moved.


Sealing pliers are used for sealing with sealing wire and sealing wires. This traditional way of sealing is mainly used by installation and utility companies to seal gas, water and electricity meters (in consultation with the network operator).


Navacqs sealing pliers are provided with a blank mold from stock. To create a unique seal, the sealing tongs can be provided with an engraving. The Sealing Pliers NZT-1P is provided with an upper and lower mold. Both parts can be provided with a text (5-6 characters) or logo. This is because this is engraved in the mold. When the seal seal is squeezed closed by the seal pliers, the text or logo is pressed into the seal.
With the Roll Tin Seal Pliers, both the pliers and the seal can be provided with an engraving. The tinplate stamps are supplied from stock with a unique ascending numbering. For an extra feature, the Roll Tin Seal Pliers can also be provided with engraving. The engraving is pressed into the tin can sealing pliers during sealing.
For all engraving options, please contact us via sales@navacqs.com or +31 (0) 10-495 0000.