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Ratchet Straps & Webbing Slings

The Ratchet Straps & Webbing Slings from Navacqs are suitable for securing and safe lifting of your cargo. Each ratchet strap and sling is manufactured according to the European standard 12195 and is tested randomly on a tensile tester to guarantee the breaking strength.

Ratchet Straps & Webbing Slings

About ratchet straps & webbing slings

The lashing straps & lifting straps are high-quality straps. The Navacqs lashing straps are suitable for securing cargo on, for example, a trailer/trailer or in a container. A suitable lashing strap is available for every application.

Navacqs lifting belts are suitable for lifting loads. The lifting straps are supplied in standard dimensions where the color of the lifting strap indicates the breaking strength. The length of the lifting straps are also supplied in standard dimensions.

The lashing straps are also supplied in a number of standard variants. A variant consists of a combination of the length, the breaking strength, the color and the type of finish (ratchet and hooks). For example, Navacqs has a number of standard lashing straps in stock.

In addition to the standard lashing straps, Navacqs is a specialist in custom lashing straps. Each lashing strap can be produced entirely according to your wishes. For example, the lashing straps can be produced in any desired length.

All lashing straps & slings are produced according to the European EN 12195 standard. To guarantee the quality of the tires, the tires are randomly tested on a specially developed tensile tester.