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Cotton bags

Cotton bags are important in sampling across various industries due to their breathable and eco-friendly properties. In agriculture, they are ideal for storing seeds and agricultural products, while in environmental science they are used for soil samples. They are also useful in botanical research for collecting plant material. Their breathability prevents moisture and condensation, while their biodegradability and reusability make them a sustainable choice. Additionally, cotton bags ensure minimal contamination, which is crucial in scientific and ecological research. The integrity of cotton bags is generally maintained at temperatures between -20°C and 70°C.

Cotton bags

About cotton bags

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Industries where cotton bags are used for sampling

Agriculture and seed collection: For collecting and storing seeds and other agricultural products where air circulation is necessary to prevent mold and spoilage.

Environmental science: Used for collecting soil samples and other organic materials during field research.

Archaeology and geology: For collecting and transporting artifacts and geological samples that do not chemically react with the packaging.

Botanical research: For collecting plant material and other botanical specimens.


Cotton bags offer multiple benefits for storage and sampling. The primary advantage is their breathability, allowing air circulation and proper preservation of materials sensitive to moisture and condensation. Additionally, cotton bags are eco-friendly, being biodegradable and often reusable, making them a sustainable choice compared to synthetic materials. Furthermore, cotton minimizes contamination, as it is less likely to release chemicals that could taint samples, which is particularly important in scientific and ecological research.


Cotton bags, due to their versatility and durability, are a valuable tool for sampling in various fields. They are ideal for seeds, grains, and other dry agricultural products, and suitable for collecting soil and sand samples that need air access to maintain their natural properties. Additionally, cotton bags are useful for transporting non-fragile archaeological finds and effective for collecting and transporting plant material for botanical research. Thanks to their breathability and eco-friendliness, cotton bags are an excellent choice for diverse applications.

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