Product description 26×47 cm cotton bag

The 26×47 cm cotton bag is ideal for sampling seeds, grains, and soil samples that need air circulation. They are supplied in bundles of 50 pieces, each suitable for approximately 3 kg, allowing you to store 150 kg with one bundle. Their breathable properties prevent condensation, mold, and spoilage, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and viability of agricultural products. Additionally, they minimize contamination and are easy to clean and reuse, preventing cross-contamination. Besides this variant, we also offer a 23×41 cm cotton bag, suitable for about 2.5 kg of content.

Suitable for: sampling

Cotton bags are often used for sampling seeds, grains, and other dry agricultural products. They are especially suitable for collecting soil samples that require air access to maintain their natural properties. The 26×47 cm cotton bag is an excellent choice for these applications.

Available per bundle: 50 bags

The cotton bags are supplied in bundles of 50 pieces. Each 26×47 cm cotton bag is suitable for about 3 kg of storage. With one bundle, you can store 150 kg of seeds or grains for sampling.

Breathable storage

Cotton bags are breathable, meaning they allow air to pass through. This helps prevent condensation, which is crucial to avoid the contents becoming damp and causing mold or spoilage. For products such as seeds, grains, and agricultural products, it is important that they remain dry to maintain their quality and viability. A 26×47 cm cotton bag ensures that these products do not sweat and become moist, extending their shelf life.

Minimal contamination

Cotton is a natural material that is less likely to release harmful substances or artificial materials onto the products. This is especially important for organic products and food, as it helps keep them clean and safe. Additionally, cotton bags can be relatively easily cleaned and reused. This means that any contaminants can be removed before the bag is reused, helping to prevent cross-contamination between different batches. Do you have unique requirements for the cotton bags? Perhaps different dimensions, specific seams, or a drawstring? The 26×47 cm cotton bag can be customized to meet your needs. We produce the bags in-house, allowing us to respond flexibly to your requests.
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