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Fixed Length Seals

Strap Seals, also known as Fixed Length Seals, have a fixed usage length. These seals can be easily sealed by hand and have a high breaking strength thanks to a wide seal tail.

Fixed Length Seals

About fixed length seals

Navacqs Band Seals are versatile seals with a high breaking strength. The high breaking strength of the seal is achieved by the extra wide seal tail. In addition, the seals are made of sturdy and high-quality materials.

Fixed length

Band seals can be easily applied by hand. The seals can be easily clicked on and sealed. Due to the click system, the seals have a fixed length and cannot be fully tightened. As a result, the seals are also called Fixed Length Seals. Once the seal has been closed, it cannot be opened.

Each seal is unique

To make Band Stamps unique, the seals are provided with a unique print in combination with a unique ascending numbering. The combination of imprint and numbering is only produced once. This ensures that every band seal is unique and that fraud can be prevented.

Seal strength

The plastic band seals have a breaking strength of approximately 25-30 kg. These seals are also provided with a special breaking point. This allows the seal to be removed by hand. The metal band seals, on the other hand, cannot be broken by hand. These seals have a breaking strength of 55-60 kg.


The seals are mainly used for sealing a truck door. In addition to sealing a truck door, the band seals are used for sealing TIR lines/TIR cables. The Tyden Ball Seal and the Sydex Seal in particular are extremely suitable for sealing TIR lines/TIR cables.

Your own logo

The band stamps are supplied from stock with a standard print and unique ascending numbering. The seals can also be provided with their own name imprint/logo in combination with a unique ascending numbering. For the possibilities, contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or