Product description Metal Flat End Seal Guard Lock

The Metal Flat End Seal is a cost-effective alternative to the Tyden Ball Seal, without the characteristic ball. This seal is not customs approved, but it is fairly strong with a breaking strength of 45 kg. The metal seal has a fixed usage length. Due to the single closing mechanism, it is impossible to manipulate the seal. The reliable Metal Flat End Seal Guard Lock is suitable for sealing trucks and TIR lines. Each seal has a print with a one-time issued number.

Patented anti-tamper closing mechanism

Safety and security are the essences of a seal. The Metal Flat End Seal has a specially designed closing mechanism. The patented mechanism makes it impossible to open the seal without visible damage. Therefore, fraud is immediately visible. Thanks to the unique closing mechanism, reuse is also not possible.

A simplified version of the Tyden Ball Seal: cost-effective

The Metal Flat End Seal has many similarities with the other seal, namely the Tyden Ball Seal. Both seals are made of metal. This adds to the strength of the seal. The main difference between the two seals is the locking mechanism. The mechanism in the Tyden Ball Seal is slightly more advanced compared to this seal. In addition, the Tyden Ball Seal has been approved by Dutch customs. The Metal Flat End Seal does not have this approval.

Extra strong thanks to the use of metal: 45 kg breaking strength

The Metal Flat End Seal is made of metal. This choice of material makes the seal extra strong. The breaking strength of the seal is 45 kg. As a result, the seal cannot be broken by hand. Pliers are needed to cut the seal. It is possible to apply the Metal Flat End Seal by hand. The seal is easy to click into place.

Suitable for sealing, among other things, trucks and TIR lines

The reliable Metal Flat End Seal is suitable for sealing trucks. Thanks to the high breaking strength, the seal does not break during transport. This is because there can be different forces on the locks of trucks. Also thanks to the fixed usage length, there is hardly any tension on the seal. In addition to sealing a truck, TIR lines can also be sealed with the Metal Flat End Seal Guard Lock. The seal has a diameter of 9 mm and fits through the ends of the TIR lines. Thanks to the seal, the truck’s sails cannot be opened unnoticed. As an alternative, plastic band seals can also be used. For example, the Smartlock Seal 270 is an alternative to the Metal Flat End Seal.

Provided with a one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The Metal Flat End Seal Guard Lock has a unique print. From stock, the seal has the text “SEALED” in combination with a unique ascending numbering. Navacqs and the manufacturer both ensure that each combination of number and imprint is only produced once. In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Metal Flat End Seal Guard Lock with a personalized print. For example a company name or other unique characteristics. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.