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Padlock Seals

Padlock Seals are compact seals in the shape of a padlock. These indicative seals can be easily sealed by hand. These seals can also be easily broken in emergency situations.

Padlock Seals

About padlock seals

Padlock Seals are versatile and especially compact seals. Padlock Seals are formed in the shape of a padlock. Thanks to the design of these seals, they can be easily applied and broken by hand.

Every stamp unique

Each seal of Navacqs has a unique printing in combination with a unique ascending numbering. This imprint is only produced once. Both Navacqs and the manufacturer of the seals guarantee that each seal is unique. This can prevent fraud with these seals.

Indicative seals

Padlock Seals have a low breaking strength and therefore fall into the category of indicative seals. The average breaking strength of these seals is approximately 6 kg. That means that the seals can be broken so easily by hand. This makes the Padlock Seals suitable for applications where there are no pliers or the seal needs to be broken quickly. The low breaking strength is made possible by the special design of the seals, where a breaking point has been added. At this point the Padlock Seal is the least strong and will break under light loads.

High-quality material

The Padlock Seals are made of high-quality plastic, namely polypropylene (PP). The material ensures that the seals are resistant to extreme weather conditions and can therefore be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Simple operation

The Padlock Seals from Navacqs are the easiest seal to apply. They can be sealed with 1 hand. No special tools are required to apply this seal. The seals have a fixed length and can be easily clicked on.

Specific uses

Thanks to the low breaking strength and the simplicity of the Padlock Seals, the seals are suitable for various applications. For example, the Padlock Seals are suitable for sealing medical equipment. Flight cases can also be safely sealed with these seals. Due to the compact dimensions of the seals, they are also suitable for sealing catering trolleys.

Your own logo

The Padlock Seals are supplied from stock with a standard print in combination with a unique ascending numbering. In addition to the stock product, it is also possible to personalize the seal. For example, the seal can be provided with its own name imprint and/or logo combined with a unique ascending numbering. The One Piece Padlock Seal is also available with an extra large flag. For the possibilities, contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or