Product description One Piece Padlock Seal

The One Piece Padlock Seal is a compact seal in the shape of a padlock. The use of high-quality polypropylene (UV-resistant) makes this seal resistant to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the One Piece Padlock Seal, the seal is easy to seal by hand. Little force is required for breaking the seal, it can easily be done with one hand. Therefore the seal suitable for sealing catering and duty-free trolleys. Each seal has a unique printing and unique consecutive numbering.

Seal with large flag for easy-to-read imprint

The One Piece Padlock Seal has a relatively large flag compared to other Padlock Seals. The unique imprint of the seal can be read on this flag. Thanks to the extra large flag, it is easy to read the number. The design of this wide label also offers more space for a possible personalized print.

Easy to seal and break with one hand

The unique design of the One Piece Padlock Seal makes it easy to seal the seal by hand. The bracket of the seal can easily be clicked into the closing mechanism. When the Padlock Seal is properly sealed, a click will be heard.

Removing / breaking the seal is also very easy thanks to the well thought-out design. No tools are required to break the One Piece Padlock Seal. Disconnection can easily be done by hand.

Made of high quality Polypropylene in the shape of a padlock

The name of the One Piece Padlock Seal can be traced back to the shape of the seal. This is in fact manufactured in the form of a padlock. The link with safety and security is therefore easy to establish. The association with a padlock is for clarification purposes. The sealed object must not be opened.

The One Piece Padlock Seal is made of high quality Polypropylene. This material is known for being extremely reliable. The material is also resistant to various chemicals.

Suitable for sealing, among other things, catering trolleys, barrels, first aid kits

The unique properties of the One Piece Padlock Seal make the seal suitable for various applications. For example, the seal is suitable for sealing catering trolleys. The seal simply fits through the opening mechanism. Thanks to the low breaking strength, the seal is easy to remove from the trolley.

Thanks to this low breaking strength, the seal is also suitable for sealing first aid kits, for example. For example, the emergency response department provides a complete first aid kit. In the event of a serious industrial accident, all resources are available and adequate assistance can be provided.

Finally, barrels can also be sealed with the One Piece Padlock Seal. The material is resistant to various chemicals.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The One Piece Padlock Seal has a unique print. Directly from stock, the seal is provided with the text “PPS SEALED” in combination with a unique ascending numbering. Navacqs and the manufacturer ensure that each combination is only produced once. Since every seal is unique, it can help to prevent or detect fraud and manipulation.
In addition to the stock product, it is possible to deliver the One Piece Padlock Seal with your own print. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. A barcode on this seal is also possible. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.