Product description Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal (MPT-TA)

The Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal (MPT-TA) has the same diameter (⌀ 2.8 mm) as the MPT , but is equipped with a handy tear strip. The seal is easy to open by hand (without pliers), using the specially patented “Tear-Away” (-TA) system. This makes it suitable for sealing AEDs, Catering Trolley’s and Medical Equipment. Each stamp is uniquely numbered and is only produced once. In addition to the standard print, it is possible to order the MPT-TA in various colors with your own text or logo.

Easy to break by hand thanks to special tear strip (Tear-Away)

The Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away (MPT-TA Seal for short) is a versatile seal with a special tear strip. The base of the seal is the same as the standard Medium Duty Pull Tight (MPT) Seal . Just like the MPT, the breaking strength can be compared to a narrow tie wrap. Although the seal can have a load of 15 kg in the longitudinal direction, the tear-away strip ensures that the seal is easy to remove.

Thin seal tail with a diameter of 2.8 mm and 15 kg breaking strength

The diameter of the Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away is 2.8 mm and fits through narrow openings. Thanks to the strong plastic closing mechanism and the choice of material (PE), the Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away has a breaking strength of 15 kg. This puts the seal in the category with a medium breaking strength. An example of a stronger seal is the Swift Seal with a breaking strength of 35 kg. Nippers are required to break this seal. The One Piece Seal is an example of a seal with a lower breaking strength of 6 kg, for example for breaking in an emergency. The MPT-TA is in between these two examples in terms of strength, but offers the comfort of opening manually. Tools are therefore unnecessary.

Closing mechanism with patented plastic

Compared to many other seals, the MPT-TA has a plastic insert made from Delrin®, a patented type of plastic. Delrin® is made from acetal (Polyoxymethylene POM) and is used as a replacement for metal. The highly reliable material is extra strong and has a high temperature resistance from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius.

Hygiene and food safety

With seals with a metal insert it can happen that pieces of plastic come loose, because the plastic rubs / scrapes against the metal. This is not the case with a plastic insert. This property is especially important in the food industry and in the medical industry.

Medium strength indicative seals made of HDPE (High Density Polyehtylene)

The seal is made of high-quality polyethylene with a high density (abbreviated to HDPE). This material is resistant to chemicals. The material is also temperature resistant. The Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away is resistant to temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. In addition, this type of Polyethylene has a high stiffness and is therefore extra strong. Despite its rigidity, the material is still flexible and bendable. This makes sealing the MPT-TA easier.

Suitable for sealing, among other things, AEDs, Catering Trolleys and Medical Equipment

This type of seal is used where extra high demands are placed on safety, such as in the pharmacy, health sector or in the food industry. Thanks to its unique material properties and well thought-out design, the MPT-TA Seal is suitable for sealing, among other things, AEDs and Medical equipment. There is no need to equip staff with tools. The special tear strip makes it easy to remove the seal by hand.

The Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away is also suitable for sealing, for example, catering and duty-free trolleys on board aircraft and trains. The seal simply fits through the locking of the trolley. The MPT-TA is strong enough to transport the trolley. When the contents of the trolley are required, the seal can be removed with a simple hand movement.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away has a unique print. From stock, the seal is provided with the text “MPT-TA SEALED” in combination with a unique ascending numbering. Both Navacqs and the manufacturer ensure that each combination is only produced once. Because each stamp is unique, it can help prevent fraud and mani prevent or notice manipulation.

In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away with its own imprint. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.