dunnage bags

Dunnage Bags

Navacqs dunnage bags offer a solution for the protection of cargo in containers and trailers. When loading a container or trailer, open spaces often arise. If these spaces are not filled, the load can shift during transport. This can lead to damage to the precious cargo.

Dunnage Bags

About dunnage bags

Navacqs dunnage bags can easily be placed between the load. When the air bags are in place, they can easily be inflated with a compressor. A specially developed air gun is required to inflate a dunnage bag. For each dunnage bag it is indicated which type of air gun is suitable. The air guns are equipped with a standard connection and therefore fit on any common compressor.

The air cushions are suitable for filling spaces between 0 and 550 millimeters. The capacity of the dunnage bags depends on the size. A dunnage bag with a width of 900 mm can fill spaces from 0 to 350 mm. When the dunnage bag has a width of 1200 mm, the dunnage bag can fill spaces up to 550 mm.

Navacqs supplies two types of air cushions, namely the Cargo Guardian and the CargoSecure. The Cargo Guardian dunnage bags are suitable for single use and are made of high quality materials. The CargoSecure dunnage bags can be used 2 to 3 times.

The Navacqs dunnage bags consist of two layers, namely Polyethylene and Polypropylene. This combination creates a strong and high-quality dunnage bag that can keep your load in place.

Any compressor can be used to inflate the dunnage bags. However, the advice is to use a compressor with the following specifications:

Power: 2-4 HP
Capacity: 500 liters/min

Boiler capacity: 200-300 liters

This allows the bags to be filled quickly and effectively. Smaller compressors can of course also be used, but need more time to fill the air cushions.