Product description Portable Air Master

The Portable Air Master is a powerful and battery charged air compressor specially designed for filling and emptying CargoSecure dunnage bags. With a capacity of 600 litres/min and a maximum filling pressure of 0.08 bar, this blower offers efficient performance. It comes with:

  • an adapter hose with a quick connection for SMART valves
  • a shoulder strap
  • two 18V-4000mAh batteries and quick charger

Weighing only 3.3 kg, it is a lightweight and easily portable tool. At the same time, its strong housing means it can take a beating.

Suitable for CargoSecure dunnage bags

With the Portable Air Master, it is possible to fill dunnage bags, but it is also a handy tool for quickly emptying dunnage bags. With a capacity of 600 litres per minute, you can fill dunnage bags and reinforce your cargo in no time. With the same ease, you can empty the dunnage bags by connecting the hose to the side of the battery compressor. The battery compressor is suitable for connecting to the CargoSecure dunnage bags in our range. The CargoSecure dunnage bags feature a special valve. The valve is designed to allow air to flow easily into the dunnage bag. Thanks to a spring in the valve, it is also possible to easily empty the dunnage bag. This allows the CargoSecure dunnage bags to be used several times. It is recommended to check the dunnage bag carefully for possible damage when reused.

Filling pressure: 0.08 bar
Capacity: 600 litres/min
Weight: 3.3 kg

Cordless filling and emptying of dunnage bags

Our Portable Air Master offers maximum freedom without annoying cables, which can not only be an obstacle, but also a safety hazard in the workplace. In addition, you are not dependent on the presence of a socket or other external power source. Also, at 3.3 kg, the battery compressor is easy to handle. The hose is easy to clip onto the valve of the CargoSecure dunnage bag so that it is securely attached during filling. With powerful motors and durable interchangeable batteries, the battery compressor offers excellent performance. A full battery works for 4 hours, while charging time includes only 25 minutes. So plenty of room to continue working while charging the battery as 2 batteries are included.

Weighs only 3.3 kg

The weight of the Portable Air Master is only 3.3 kg. A shoulder strap is included so you can also hang the battery compressor over your shoulder while working without it getting in the way. Also, the Portable Air Master has a sturdy housing. It can take a beating without being immediately damaged.

Includes 2 batteries and quick charger

When purchasing the Portable Air Master, two 18V-4000mAh batteries including a quick charger are also supplied. The advantage of 2 batteries is that you can connect the fully charged battery to the Portable Air Master while the other battery is charging in the quick charger. A full battery can be used for up to 4 hours, while an empty battery is charged in 25 minutes. This way, you avoid annoying interruptions during the working day.


Do you have questions or the use of dunnage bags? We are happy to advise you and support you in creating a charging plan. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.