Seals are developed for specific applications. Each application has specific requirements that the seal must meet. However, a number of Navacqs seals have been developed to be used for multiple applications. The application ultimately determines which type of seal is most suitable. Over the years, Navacqs has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in order to recommend the right seal for every application. The text below describes a number of applications and the corresponding products. There are many other applications besides those listed below. We will be happy to advise you on them.

Sealing is compulsory for a number of applications, for example when exporting containers. Export containers must be sealed with an ISO 17712:2013 certified container seal. Customs authorities worldwide require this type of container seal. Other authorities worldwide have also made agreements that every container needs to be sealed with certified container seals. Containers are mainly sealed with so-called Bolt Seals, including the Barrier Container Seal. The Neptune Container Seal is also suitable for sealing containers. Besides Bolt Seals, Cable Seals can also be used to seal containers. These must have a minimum cable diameter of 3.5 millimetres and carry the ISO 17712:2013 certification.

Sealing of containers

Besides sealing containers, fire extinguishers must also be sealed every year. After an annual inspection, the locking pin or latch of the fire extinguisher must be sealed. This way, it is immediately clear that the fire extinguisher has been fully filled and checked. In addition, fire reels/fire hoses are sealed annually with an appropriate seal. Indicative seals with a low breaking strength are used for these applications. This makes the seals easy to break in emergencies. Seals such as the Extin 2 and the One Piece Seal are ideally suited for sealing fire extinguishers. The Fire Reel Seal and Pull Tite 300 are suitable for sealing fire reels and fire hoses.

Sealing of Fire Extinguishers
Sealing of Fire Hose Reels

In many companies/industries, seals are also part of certain internal and external procedures. Tank lorries, for example, must be sealed in many cases. This prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access to the contents of the tanker without being noticed and prevents fraud, damage or theft. Thanks to the smooth tail of the seal, the Universal Seal is extremely suitable for sealing tankers. Trucks and TIR lines also need to be sealed to prevent problems. Seals such as the Medium and Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seals are suitable for sealing trucks. A strap seal/fixed length seal, namely the Sydex Seal, is used especially for sealing TIR lines.

Sealing of Tank Trucks
Sealing of Trucks
Sealing of TIR cables