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When sending confidential or fraud-sensitive documents, it is advisable to seal the envelopes. Certain types of Security Labels, also known as security labels, can be used for sealing envelopes.

Security Labels are available in two varieties, namely a No Residu/Zero Transfer and a High Residu/Total Transfer. A No Residu label leaves no residue on the substrate. The Total Transfer, on the other hand, leaves an indelible layer on the substrate.

The Total Transfer/High Residu labels are ideal for sealing envelopes. This type of label consists of two layers that detach from each other when removed. As a result, a text immediately appears in the label that it has been broken/removed. In addition, the label leaves an indelible layer on the surface. Sticking it back on is no longer possible.

Each Security Label for sealing envelopes has a unique ascending numbering. It is very important to note this numbering properly for verification upon arrival. Security Labels TT-84 are also printed with “SEALED DO NOT REMOVE” to clearly indicate that they are security labels. The Label Lock Security Labels also feature an imprint, namely Security Seal.

Security Labels for sealing envelopes are available from stock. There is also the option of personalising the Security Labels.