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Flight cases

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Sealing Flight cases

Flightcases are suitable for transporting valuable equipment and ensure that damage can be prevented. For extra security, flightcases can be sealed with a seal. Different indicative seals can be used to seal flightcases.

Navacqs’ seals feature a unique printing combined with a unique ascending numbering. This combination is produced only once. In addition, the seals are designed to be used only once. This can prevent fraud and damage.

In many cases, flight cases are equipped with a sealable closure, which simplifies the sealing of flight cases. Thus, both drive-on seals, padlock seals and cable seals can be used.

The One Piece Seal (OPS Seal) and Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away (MPT-TA Seal) are both threaded seals for sealing flight cases. These seals can easily be placed by hand. These seals can also be easily removed by hand. Thus, the One Piece Seal has a low breaking strength of about 6 kg and a thin seal tail with a diameter of 2.3 mm. As a result, the One Piece Seal fits through almost any closure.

Besides the One Piece Seal, the Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal Tear-Away (MPT-TA Seal) is also suitable for sealing Flightcases. This type of seal features a special closure that makes it easy to remove the seal by hand. Applying the seal can also be done easily by hand.

A so-called Padlock Seal can also be used. For example, the One Piece Padlock Seal (OPP Seal)is suitable for sealing Flightcases. This compact seal is easy to apply by hand. Thanks to the low breaking strength of the One Piece Padlock Seal, it can be easily removed.

One of the strongest seals for sealing flight cases is the Cable Seal 150. This seal features an aluminium casing and steel wire that frays after breaking. Thanks to the use of steel wire, this seal has a high breaking strength of 330 kg and cannot be removed by hand.

Each seal is available from stock with a standard print in combination with a unique ascending numbering. It is also possible to personalise the seals.