TIR cable

TIR cable

About tir cable

A number of seals can be used for sealing TIR lines. The TIR lines run through the tarpaulin of the truck. At the back of the truck, the ends of the TIR lines meet and can therefore be easily sealed.

Seals suitable for sealing TIR lines often have a wide smooth seal tail. This allows the seals to be easily placed through the closures of the TIR lines. In addition, these seals have a high breaking strength.

Most seals belong to the so-called band seals/fixed length seals. This means that each seal has a standard user length and can easily be sealed by hand. Tightening the seal is not possible.

Navacqs’ seals feature a unique printing combined with a unique incremental numbering. This combination is produced only once. In addition, the seals are designed to be used only once. This can prevent fraud and damage.

A common seal for sealing TIR lines is the Tyden Ball Seal. This metal seal has been used for sealing TIR lines for more than 60 years. The simple yet thoughtful seal features a unique imprint and incremental numbering that makes fraud impossible. Due to its reliability, the Tyden Ball Seal is also customs-approved and can therefore be used for customs purposes.

Besides the Tyden Ball Seal, the Sydex Seal can also be used for sealing TIR lines. This plastic seal fits easily through the closure of the TIR lines and is easy to seal by hand. Due to its well thought-out design, this indicative seal can also be removed by hand.

Every seal is available from stock with a standard print in combination with a unique ascending numbering. It is also possible to personalise the seals.