About sampling

Sampling is an essential step in analysis and research, as it forms the basis for reliable results. The correct choice of sampling material is important to ensure the integrity of the samples and guarantee the accuracy of the analyses. Navacqs offers various products that are suitable and safe for different types of sampling.

HDPE sample bottles provide a lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass. They are suitable for a wide range of samples, including water and other liquids. HDPE is resistant to most acids, bases, and organic solvents, making it safe for storing various chemicals without the plastic being compromised. Using these specialized products from Navacqs ensures that samples are correctly collected and preserved, which is essential for reliable and reproducible analyses.

For sampling liquids and chemicals, glass sample bottles are an excellent choice. Because glass is inert, it does not react with the contents, ensuring the purity of the sample. Additionally, glass provides protection against light, helping to prevent the degradation of light-sensitive samples.

Cotton bags are ideal for sampling solids such as soil, seeds, and agricultural products. Their breathable properties prevent condensation, which is important to maintain the quality of certain samples. This keeps the samples dry and free from mold, which is essential for reliable results.