Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs

About trees and shrubs

Sealing trees and shrubs is important to ensure the safety and integrity of these objects. This is where security labels come in handy. Various products are available for sealing trees and shrubs, such as HPT, MPT, Universal Seal and ID Seal 600.

HPT is an efficient security label specially designed for sealing trees and shrubs. This label is strong, durable and water resistant, making it ideal protection for your trees and shrubs.

A less strong, but still a common label is the MPT. It has a slightly lower breaking load and is therefore easier to remove by hand.

Universal Seal is another option for sealing trees and shrubs. This label can be used universally and offers a high degree of protection. The ID Seal 600 is the most advanced security label for sealing trees and shrubs. This label is provided with a unique barcode or QR code, so that you always know where your trees and shrubs are located and whether they are protected.