Product description ID Seal 600

With a tail length of 60 cm, the ID Seal 600 is by far the longest seal in the range. Despite a breaking strength of 25 kg, this seal is still easy to remove with the help of the special tear strip. The combination of the great length with high breaking strength makes the ID Seal 600 extremely suitable for sealing (mail) bags and trees. Each seal is printed with a unique number and is only produced once.

Extra long seal tail with a length of 600 mm

The ID Seal is one of the longest seals available. For example, this long seal has a seal tail with a length of no less than 600 mm (60 cm). In addition to the great length, the ID Seal 600 has a smooth seal tail with a diameter of 4 mm. This – relatively large – diameter contributes to the high breaking strength of the seal. The end of the start has a number of ridges. These ridges provide grip when sealing. Despite its length, the seal is still easy to put on and put on.

High breaking strength of 25 kg with integrated stainless steel closure

The Navacqs ID Seal has a high breaking strength of 25 kg. This breaking strength is due to a number of unique properties of the seal and the material used. For example, the ID Seal has a seal tail with a relatively large diameter of 4.0 mm. In addition, the seal is made of Polypropylene. This material has a high rigidity and makes the seal extra robust. The seal also has a strong closing mechanism made of stainless steel. This steel is not only strong, but also resistant to extreme weather conditions. Also thanks to the use of Polypropylene, the seal can be used very well outside.

Reliable stainless steel barb

The closing mechanism is made in the form of a barb. This allows the seal tail to enter only one way. The hole for putting the seal into use is clearly marked. There is an arrow on the back to indicate the correct direction of sealing. Once sealed, the stainless steel barb ensures reliable operation. Retraction of the seal tail is no longer possible when closed. This can prevent fraud and manipulation.

Extra grip on seal tail

Due to the design choices of the ID Seal 600, the seal is long and strong, but it also has a lot of grip. There are a number of teeth on the inside of the seal tail. These provide extra grip on the part to be sealed. When the seal is tightened, the serrations grip deeper. The ID Seal cannot be moved or removed without breaking the seal.

Easy disconnection with tear-away closure

Despite its high breaking strength, the strong ID Seal 600 is easy to break by hand. The seal is provided with a special tear-away closure. There is a tear strip around the sealing mechanism. Thanks to the handy tear strip, this strong seal is easy to break by hand, without accidentally breaking when it is not intended.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

Each ID Seal 600 has a unique imprint. The seal is provided from stock with the text “SEALED DO NOT REMOVE”. Due to the uniquely ascending numbering, each seal is unique. Both Navacqs and the manufacturer of the seal ensure that each combination is only produced once. This, in combination with good registration, can prevent fraud and manipulation.

In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the ID Seal 600 with its own imprint. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.

Suitable for sealing, among other things, (mail) bags and trees

Due to the extra long sealing tail and high breaking strength, sealing is suitable for various applications. For example, bags can be easily sealed with the ID Seal 600. The high breaking strength ensures that the neck can be tightly sealed. The teeth on the inside of the tail also provide extra grip. This prevents the seal from moving.

The ID Seal 600 is also suitable for sealing trees, for example. The long length of the seal tail makes it possible to be placed around the trunk for a longer period of time. The maximum diameter of the seal extends up to 18 cm. In addition, the sealing material is resistant to extreme weather influences and UV radiation. This makes the seal ideal for outdoor applications.


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