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Tank trucks

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Different types of seals can be used for sealing tankers. The most common seals have a smooth seal tail. This ensures that the seal can be easily tightened through the closure.

Sealing tankers is of great importance. If tankers are not sealed, unauthorised persons can easily gain access to the contents of the tank with all the consequences that entails. Thanks to a seal, this can be prevented.

Navacqs’ seals feature a unique print combined with a unique ascending numbering. This combination is produced only once. In addition, the seals are designed to be used only once. This can prevent fraud, damage and theft.

One of the most common seals for sealing tankers is the Universal Seal. This high-quality seal features a smooth seal tail a metal closure for an extra strong seal. The seal can easily be sealed by hand. Removing the seal by hand is also possible. This type of seal is available in 3 different sizes, so a suitable size is always available. From stock, the seal is available in various colours and a standard print.

In addition to the stock variant from Navacqs, it is also possible to personalise the Universal Seal. There is the option of providing the seal with a company name and/or logo combined with unique incremental numbering.

In addition to the Universal Seal, it is also possible to use the Swift Seal for sealing tankers. The Swift Seal is produced from high-quality Nylon and therefore has a high breaking strength of around 35 kg, despite its small size. With this type of seal, too, a standard product is available from stock and personalisation is possible.

Finally, also the Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT Seal) is suitable for sealing tankers.