Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers

About fire extinguishers

Sealing fire extinguishers is done every year after an inspection by certified bodies. When the fire extinguisher has been checked, it will be sealed. The fire extinguisher should only be used in emergency situations and is therefore sealed to prevent misuse.

An important requirement when sealing fire extinguishers is to use seals with low breaking strength. This is because the seal should break easily in emergency situations. Seals suitable for this purpose have a breaking strength of 4-6 kg.

Sealing fire extinguishers can be done in two ways, namely a seal on the locking pin or over the entire handle of the fire extinguisher. The locking pin of fire extinguishers has a narrow hole in many cases. The seal can be applied through this narrow hole. The Extin 2 from Navacqs has a small diameter, making it ideal for sealing the locking pin.

In addition, the fire extinguisher can be sealed with Navacqs’ One Piece Seal. This seal has a longer length. This allows the One Piece Seal to be placed through the eye of the locking pin and the lever of the fire extinguisher.

Seals for sealing fire extinguishers are supplied from stock with a name imprint and unique incremental numbering. The combination of these are produced once, preventing fraud.