About pallets

Various seals can be used for sealing pallets. For example, pallets fitted with stretch film can be sealed with Label Lock Security tape. When the tape is removed, an indelible layer is left behind on the stretch film. Thanks to this layer, sticking back the tape is no longer possible.This tape also features unique ascending numbering every 150 mm.

Pallets can also be fitted with polypropylene (PP) strapping tape. The Straplock Seal F-7115 has been specially developed for sealing PP strapping tape. This pallet seal is placed at the intersections of the straps and then sealed. Thanks to the unique ascending numbering, fraud can be prevented. For proper sealing, the strapping should be pulled completely tight. For extra protection, pallets can be fitted with specially developed corner protectors.

Sealing pallets and Euro pallets prevents fraud, damage and theft of your goods. Sealing is especially recommended for valuable products, including electronic equipment. From stock, both the Straplock Seal F-7115 and the Label Lock Security Tape are readily available. Both types feature unique ascending numbering. 

In addition, it is possible to provide the Straplock Seal with your own imprint. For example, company name/logo can be printed on seals. For all possibilities, please contact us at or 010-4950000.