Product description Straplock Seal F-7115 Key

A special key is required to seal the Straplock Seal F-7115 . This key was developed at the same time as the seal. The metal fastening points, therefore, fit exactly into the seal and ensure a stable position. The teeth of the key connect exactly to the round part of the Straplock Seal. If the seal is placed at a cross point of the strapping, sealing is easy. A rotating movement ensures the final placement of the Straplock Seal F-7115. In addition to this manual key, another variant is also available, namely an electrically driven key.

Suitable for sealing Straplock Seal F-7115

With this key, the Straplock Seal F-7115 can be sealed via a rotating movement. During this rotating movement, the top part of the seal is anchored in the bottom part.

Seal pallets with polypropylene strapping (12-19 mm)

The Straplock Seal F-7115 is a seal suitable for sealing polypropylene strapping. The seal is designed to be placed at the intersections of the strapping. This key is required to close the seal.

It is suitable for sealing strapping tape with a width of 12 to 19 mm and a maximum thickness of 0.7 mm. For example, pallets can also easily be sealed this way. The product is also suitable in combination with boxes provided with a strapping band.

Thoughtful design for extra ease of use

The special key for sealing the F-7115 was designed simultaneously with the seal. As a result, there is a seamless integration of these two products. The key fits exactly on the seal. The key is made of high-quality plastic and is suitable for daily intensive use.

Also available as an electrically powered variant

This special key is suitable for manual use. In addition to the manual key, there is also another variant available, namely an electrically driven key. The drive is based on a regular cordless drill. However, it has been further developed and provided with a mechanism to close the Straplock Seal. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.