About trucks

Sealing trucks prevents fraud, damage and theft to your valuable cargo. It also saves time and avoids conflicts. Each seal has a unique print in combination with a unique ascending number. The seal is made only once. This makes fraud impossible. If the seal is not broken on arrival, the cargo space is not entered.

Sealing trucks can be done in various ways. In many cases, it depends on the type of closure of the truck. For example, the truck may be fitted with TIR lines, also known as TIR cables. In addition, the truck may be fitted with closures behind the truck. A suitable seal is available for each closure. This simplifies the sealing of trucks.

Several seals can be used to seal trucks fitted with TIR Lines (TIR cables). The choice here is between a plastic seal or a metal seal. An important feature with these types of seals is that the end of the seal is smooth. Both the Tyden Ball Seal and the Sydex Seal are suitable for sealing trucks. Both seals feature a unique print and unique incremental numbering. An additional advantage is that both Tyden Ball Seal and Sydex Seal have a fixed usage length. The seal clicks into the closure and does not need to be tightened.

Besides sealing TIR lines (TIR cables), truck sealing can be done with a Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal. This versatile pull-tight seal is suitable for many types of closures. This type of seal also features a unique print and unique incremental numbering. The Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal has a breaking strength of approximately 15 kg and can be easily applied and removed by hand. A stronger variant is the Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal. This seal is also suitable for sealing trucks.

The above seals fall under the so-called indicative seals. This means that the seal can only be used as an indication. This is because they can be broken by hand. The seals are suitable for sealing trucks within Europe. For extra security, seals with a classification of Security Seal or High Security Seal can also be used. An example is the Cable Seal 150, which falls under a Security Seal.