Wandhydrantplombe FS-300 um

Fire hose reels

Fire hose reels

About fire hose reels

Two types of seals can be used for sealing fire reels, including the Fire Reel Sealer FS-300. The seals are placed on the main valve of the fire reel and provide legionella prevention.

This is because the water in the fire reel’s pipe contains stagnant water. Under certain temperatures, legionella can grow rapidly. Legionella grows fastest in a water temperature between 35 and 46 degrees Celsius, but legionella can also grow slowly even at 20 degrees. Sealing the main tap prevents unnecessary use of the fire reel and prevents legionella contamination by using the water only in emergency situations.

Both fire reels and fire extinguishers fall under the Regeling Erkenning Onderhoud Blusmiddelen, abbreviated to REOB. This regulation includes a number of legal requirements and was created in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, among others. One of these components within REOB is the sealing of fire reels after an annual inspection by a REOB-certified company.

The seals suitable for sealing fire reels have a number of unique properties. For example, the seal has an extra long seal tail of at least 300 mm. This specific length ensures that the seal can easily be placed around the main tap. Another unique feature of this type of seal is its breaking strength. In an emergency situation, the main tap of the fire reel should be easy to open. The seal has a low breaking strength of about 6 kg and can therefore be easily removed by hand.

The Fire Reel Seal FS-300 is a completely new seal and has been specially developed for sealing fire reels. The high-quality seal is made of polypropylene and is supplied on mats of 10.

Both seals are supplied from stock in red and yellow. The seals are not printed. There is the option of adding a company name/logo in combination with a unique incremental numbering to the seal. Personalisation of the seals is already possible with an order of 1,000 pieces. For the possibilities, please contact us on 010-4950000 or sales@navacqs.nl.