Product description Fire Hose Reel Seal FS-300

The FS-300 is suitable for sealing fire reels to prevent legionella contamination. This indicative seal has a tail length of 300 mm and can be fully donned. Due to the thin seal tail, the seal has a low breaking strength of only 6 kg. As a result, the Fire Reel Seal FS-300 breaks easily in emergency situations. The FS-300 has no printing as standard (completely blank). It is possible to deliver this stamp with your own print from 1,000 pieces. An example of this is a warning text or company logo.

Seal for fire hose reels to prevent legionella

The Fire Reel Sealing FS-300 has been specially developed for sealing fire reels. Thanks to the extra long seal tail, the seal fits easily around the water tap of the reels.

Fire reels are checked and rinsed clean by certified companies every year. After the inspection, the inspector immediately seals the tested fire hose. Not only does this demonstrate that the fire reel has been approved, but it also counts as a security layer. The fire reel may only be used for emergency situations. Legionella can develop in stagnant water in the fire hose. To prevent this, fire reels are sealed with easy-to-break seals, such as the Fire Reel Seal FS-300.

The FS-300 seal is supplied from stock in the colors red, yellow and green. This makes it visible at a glance whether a fire reel is properly sealed.

Can be broken quickly in case of fire due to low breaking strength of 6 kg

Fire reels must be ready for immediate use in emergency situations without any resistance. The specially designed seal is therefore easy to break by hand in emergency situations. The seal has a breaking strength of only 5 kg. This makes the Fire Reel Seal FS-300 one of the easiest to break seals at Navacqs.

Fitted with a thin seal tail with a diameter of 2.4 mm

The Fire Reel Seal FS-300 has a thin seal tail with a diameter of only 2.4 mm. Thanks to this small diameter, the seal has a low breaking strength. In addition, it makes the seal extra flexible, making sealing easy. A thicker, often stiffer, seal is difficult to process around a fire reel. In addition, a stronger seal is not suitable for breaking quickly in an emergency situation.

Indicative seal made of Polypropylene

The seal is made of high-quality Polypropylene (PP). This plastic is strong, durable and temperature resistant. The Fire Reel Seal FS-300 is resistant to temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. This wide range in temperature guarantees a good functioning of the seal for a long period of time.

Delivered without print, possibility of printing from 1,000 pcs.

The Fire Reel Seal FS-300 is supplied from stock in the colors yellow, red and green. Compared to other seals, the FS-300 does not have a unique imprint and numbering. The seal is used as an indication.

However, it is possible to provide the Fire Reel Seal FS-300 with a personalized print. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. Printing a barcode is also possible. This is already possible from 1,000 pieces. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.