About boxes

Goods are in many cases transported in cardboard boxes. When the goods have a high value or are susceptible to fraud, it is advisable to seal the boxes. Sealing boxes makes it impossible to open the box without leaving indelible traces.

Security Tape is specially developed for sealing boxes. Different types of security tape can be used. A security tape can be chosen where it is not immediately visible that it is a security tape. Only when the tape is removed will this become visible. A so-called wolf in sheep’s clothing. The second option for sealing boxes is a security tape where it is clearly indicated that it is a security tape.

The purpose of Security Tape is the same of both types, namely to make any fraud visible. In many cases, the tape consists of two layers. During the application of the security tape, this is not visible. The two layers come apart when the tape is removed. This leaves a layer on the cardboard box with a clear message. This message is also visible on the part that has been removed. Sticking the tape back on is not possible. This prevents fraud.

Besides sealing boxes, certain types of Security Tape, including Label Lock Security Tape, can also be used for sealing pallets fitted with stretch film.

For sealing boxes, all types of Security Tape can be used. The most budget-friendly is Security Tape SK-72. This type of tape is the simplest variant and available in various colours.

Besides the budget-friendly Security Tape for sealing boxes, there are also tapes available with additional properties. For example, the Label Lock Security Tape features unique ascending numbering every 150 mm. This provides extra security.

Every Security Tape is available from stock in a standard variant. It is also possible to personalise the tape. For example, the tape can be provided with a name imprint.