Product description Security Tape SK-72

Sealing a cardboard box is easy and safe with the Security Tape SK-72 . This roll of tape fits on a standard tape dispenser. It is an inexpensive alternative to the Labellock Security Tape. When the tape is removed, the text “OPENED” will immediately appear in the tape. In addition, the tape leaves an indelible layer on the cardboard. It is not possible to stick the safety tape back, the message “OPENED” remains visible on both the tape and the surface. This makes fraud immediately visible and manipulation is prevented. The SK-72 is available as standard on a roll of 50 meters in the colors red, blue and brown.

Suitable for sealing boxes

The Security Tape SK-72 from Navacqs has been specially developed for sealing cardboard boxes. The glue on the safety tape adheres well to cardboard. In this way valuable goods, such as medical products and food products, can be safely transported. This is because there should be no risk of fraud and manipulation here.

The Security Tape SK-72 is only suitable for cardboard boxes. When wrapping film / stretch film also needs to be sealed, the Label Lock Security Tape is an alternative. This type of tape is also suitable for sealing wrapping foil.

Cost effective way of sealing

Sealing with Security Tape is a cost effective way to prevent fraud. Only a few meters of tape is required to seal boxes. During the design phase, extra attention was paid to the price / quality ratio of the tape. The result is a reliable Security Tape without all kinds of extras. An example of a Security Tape with a unique numbering and tear strip is the Label Lock Security Tape .

Fits regular tape dispenser

The core of the Security Tape roll has the same diameter as regular packaging tape. This makes it easy to place the SK-72 on a tape roller. For example, boxes can be sealed quickly and effectively with this tape. This saves a lot of time in the warehouse where the packaging is prepared for shipment.

Leaves traces on the surface in case of fraud

The thoughtful design of the Security Tape SK-72 makes fraud impossible. The tape consists of two layers. Once the tape has been stuck to the carton, unseen removal is not possible. When removing the tape, the two parts separate from each other. The adhesive layer remains on the surface in the form of a message. The text “OPENED / VOID” is clearly legible on both the substrate and the top layer. It is then no longer possible to glue it back. This makes fraud and manipulation immediately visible.

Standard available in Red, Blue and Brown

The Security Tape SK-72 is available from stock in two bright colors. The tape comes in the color red and blue. When the boxes are sealed with the SK-72, this is immediately noticeable. This can deter unauthorized persons from opening the boxes. In addition to these two bright colors, this safety tape is available in brown. In this case it is not immediately visible that the boxes are provided with security tape. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss options for larger quantities and / or other colors!