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Big Bags

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Seals for big bags / bulk containers are an essential part of the transport and storage process of bulk materials. A suitable seal ensures that the material is not contaminated or stolen during transport and storage. It is therefore important to use a reliable seal to protect the integrity of the material.

The use of appropriate seals as a seal for big bags / bulk containers is a proven method to ensure that the material remains secure during transportation and storage. A seal is a physical barrier that prevents unauthorised persons or animals from opening the container. There are several types of seals that can be used to seal big bags / bulk containers. Three suitable seals are presented below: The Swift seal, The ID Seal 600 pull-through seal and the NSS412-L seal.

The Swift seal is an effective sealing solution for big bags / bulk containers. It is made of high quality nylon and has a metal insert. This special type of nylon has several advantages: the seal is protected against wear and tear by the choice of material, and is resistant to temperature and chemicals. Despite its narrow diameter, it has a very high breaking load of 35 kg and thus cannot be opened by hand.

The ID Seal 600 pull-through seal is an advanced sealing option specially designed for sealing bags and containers. The extra long seal tail and high breaking strength make the seal suitable for various applications. With the ID Seal 600 pull-through seal, big bags and bulk containers can be sealed without any problems. The high breaking strength ensures that the neck can be sealed tightly. The prongs on the inside of the tail provide additional grip. This means that the seal cannot be moved.

The NSS412-L seal is another advanced sealing option that provides high security for big bags and bulk containers. It has a robust seal with an extra strong metal insert. It is the strongest plastic seal in the range with a breaking load of 40 kg. Thanks to its unique properties, the NSS412-L seal is ideal for sealing big bags and bulk containers, among other things. The ribbing on the inside of the seal also ensures a tight seal of the bag neck.
Overall, seals are a reliable and cost-effective solution for sealing big bags / bulk containers. They ensure the safety of the material during transport and storage and protect against contamination and theft. The Swift seal, the ID Seal 600 pull-through seal and the NSS412-L seal are three suitable seal options that can be recommended for sealing big bags / bulk containers.