Product description NSS412-L Seal

The NSS412-L Seal is the strongest plastic seal in the range (40 kg breaking strength). The design with a wide tail (7.5 mm) and the teeth on the inside make the seal suitable for bags and big bags. Because the NSS412-L cannot be broken by hand, it is also used as a seal for, for example, a truck door. A unique print with unique numbering prevents fraud.

Robust seal with extra strong metal insert

The NSS412-L Seal is a strong, robust seal made from Polypropylene (PP for short). This material is resistant to chemical attack. This means that chemicals cannot affect the material and the seal is maintained. The NSS-412L Seal is also temperature resistant. The NSS412-L can be used at temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. The polypropylene used has a high rigidity and is extra strong. Despite the strength of the seal, the material is flexible, making it easy to put on.

The seal is provided with a so-called metal “insert”. Inside the locking mechanism is a metal plate with teeth through which the tail of the seal slides through. These serrations are placed in the shape of a barb. For example, the tail of the seal can only pass through the closing mechanism in one direction. Once threaded, the seal cannot be opened. This makes reuse impossible.

High breaking strength of 40 kg due to 7.5 mm Polypropylene seal tail

Threaded seals can be provided with two types of seal tails, namely a round seal tail or a flat seal tail. The NSS412-L is provided with a wide flat stamping line with a width of 7.5 mm. As a result, the seal has a high breaking strength of no less than 40 kg compared to other lacing seals. The 7.5 mm tail has the disadvantage that it cannot be threaded through narrow openings, as is possible with the strong Swift Seal Nylon Seal.

Teeth around closure provide extra grip when sealing

In addition to the unique material properties, the NSS412-L Seal is provided with serrations around the closure. These relatively sharp points provide extra grip around the part to be sealed. The tighter the seal is pulled, the deeper the serrations engage. As a result, the seal cannot be moved. The tightening also prevents fraud and manipulation.

Sealing suitable for sealing, among other things, (postal) bags and big bags

Thanks to its unique properties, the NSS412-L Seal is extremely suitable for sealing, among other things, (mail) bags and big bags. This, for example, due to the high breaking strength. This allows the bags to be firmly and tightly sealed. The serrations on the inside of the seal also ensure that the neck of the bags is tightly sealed.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The NSS412-L Seal has a unique print. From stock, the seal is provided with the text “NSS412L SEAL” in combination with a unique ascending numbering. Both Navacqs and the manufacturer ensure that each combination is only produced once. If desired, the numbering can be registered when sealing to further prevent fraud and manipulation.

Besides the stock product it is possible to provide the NSS412-L with your own print. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. Printing a barcode is also possible. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.


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