Product description Hole Punch Plier NCT-2

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The Control Pliers NCT-2 is a top quality conductor pliers for professional use. The punching pliers are manufactured in Germany. Cutting single tickets or maintenance stickers is very easy. In addition, harder materials can also be easily cut, such as plastic cards. The control pliers are supplied with a large jaw depth of 35 mm and with a round (3 mm) or triangular punch. This NCT-2 Control Pliers is suitable for long-term intensive use. In addition to the stock models, it is possible to deliver the NCT-2 with other shapes and characters.

Absolute top quality conductor bar

The NCT-2 check pliers are the best check pliers in the Navacqs range. The high-quality pliers are designed and manufactured in a small-scale factory in Germany. Thanks to the use of the most solid materials and strict quality control, the NCT-2 has a long service life. The pliers are made of high quality solid steel. This ensures that the pliers cannot bend and continue to function optimally. The conductor bar is chrome-plated for extra protection. This layer offers protection against weather influences and moisture.

Suitable for intensive daily use

The NCT-2 control pliers are suitable for long-term intensive use. The solid steel pliers make bending impossible. This allows the pliers to be used for many years without problems. The extra protective layer (chrome) also contributes to the lifespan. The control pliers cannot rust.

For less intensive use, the Inspection pliers NCT-3 is suitable. If the forceps are only used occasionally, the NCT-1 is a suitable solution.

Extra deep jaw depth of 35 mm for a wide reach

During the design of the control pliers, besides the focus on quality, the ease of use of the pliers was also considered. This gives the NCT-2 a jaw depth of no less than 35 mm. Thanks to this deep jaw, control pliers have a wide range. The other Navacqs control pliers have a shallower jaws. For example, the NCT-3 has a jaw depth of 30 mm and the NCT-1 has a jaw depth of only 20 mm.

Suitable for paper, cardboard and plastic

Thanks to the use of strong materials, the reliable NCT-2 control pliers are suitable for cutting various materials. The pliers easily cut through paper and thick cardboard. In addition, the NCT-2 easily cuts through plastic. For example, plastic cards can be made unusable with the NCT-2.

The Inspection pliers NCT-3 can cut through paper, cardboard and plastic. The strict quality control in combination with the German build quality makes the NCT-2 the best choice for the long term.

Available from stock with round (3 mm) or triangular punch

The Contoletang NCT-2 is available from stock with two types of punches. First of all, the pliers are available with a round punch. This punch has a diameter of 3 mm. The pliers are also available with a triangular punch.

In addition to the stock models, it is possible to supply the NCT-2 with other shapes and characters . It is also possible to supply an NCT-2 with a jaw depth of 50 mm. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.