Product description SBS PL7000 Padlock

The SBS PL7000 padlock is an extremely strong and durable padlock. The lock consists of a stainless steel housing and a hardened steel shackle with a diameter of 14 mm. The cylinder of the padlock is placed from above. This ensures that when the lock is closed, no one can reach the cylinder.

Inside the stainless steel housing there is a double closure by means of two round balls. When closing the padlock, both balls are pushed into the cutout of the shackle. As a result, the bracket can no longer be removed. Thanks to its thoughtful design and choice of materials, the SBS PL7000 padlock has obtained a number of certificates. For example, the padlock is EN1627, EN12320 and VbV certified.

The SBS PL7000 padlock is suitable for long-term use and can withstand extreme weather conditions. To maintain smooth operation, it is recommended to clean the lock monthly with Brunox or WD40 lubricant. This makes it easy to remove the dirt in the lock.

During the design phase of the SBS PL7000 padlock, the dimensions next to the dimensions of the Abloy PL-358 padlock held. As a result, the PL7000 padlock also fits in the Cobra Container lock from Navacqs. The Cobra Containerlock in combination with the PL7000 padlock has the SCM hallmark.

The padlock is suitable for locking and securing containers in the world of transport and logistics. In addition, the SBS PL7000 padlock can be used on containers on construction sites. In many cases the bracket fits through the latch closure.

The padlock comes with a key card and two keys. The key card should be kept in a safe place. This is necessary to order extra keys. Several padlocks can also be supplied with keyed alike. This allows every padlock to be opened with the same key. Finally, there is the option of setting up a so-called key plan. Each padlock has its own lock and key, but each padlock can be opened with a master key.

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