Product description Andis 1100 Kingpin Lock

The Andis 1100 Kingpin lock is suitable for securing a trailer or semi-trailer with 2 “Pin. It is a lock with a cylinder from the famous Finnish manufacturer Abloy®. Due to its solid design, this trailer lock offers high protection against theft of your trailer / trailer. housing and handle, the trailer lock is easy to place and the cylinder is excellently protected.The Andis 1100 Kingpin lock is equipped with an integrated Abloy® cylinder and comes standard with two keys, equipped with a unique key card with serial number. to order an extra key at a later time The lock is suitable for trailers with a standard 2 ”Kingpin.

Kiwa SCM Heavy Duty approved (with regard to transport insurance)

The Andis 1100 Kingpin Lock has the highest achievable KIWA SCM certification, namely Heavy Duty classification. Renowned transport insurers, including TVM, make the use of SCM locks mandatory.

The Andis 1100 Kingpin Lock is one of the safest locks to lock trailers. The lock has been developed for long-term use and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. To guarantee it’s long life, it is strongly recommended to clean the Andis 1100 monthly with a lubricant such as Brunox or WD40. This will thoroughly clean the lock internally.

Kiwa SCM certification

Trailer locks are first extensively checked and tested before the lock is certified. The tests are performed by an external independent party, namely KIWA SCM. Since 1993, quality marks have been issued for safety products such as container locks and trailer locks by KIWA SCM. Various interested parties are represented in the Board of Experts, including experts from the security, insurance and business sectors. The locks are inspected on the basis of Inspection regulation MP03.

The strict practical tests

The locks are tested in different ways. To be eligible for this test, a trailer lock must meet the established requirements. For example, the keys must provide a unique identifier. A maximum of 3 identical keys may also be supplied per kingpin lock.

The practical test consists of various parts. This includes a corrosion test. A dust test and heat test also fall under the practical test. The results are measured and scaled in accordance with EU guidelines.

The most extreme tests are carried out. For example, the lock is placed completely moist in -20 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. The lock must then be open within 60 seconds. A drop test is also part of the test. The lock frees 5 times from 1 meter onto a concrete surface.

Finally, an attack test is done. The Andis 1100 Kingpin lock has the certification of Heavy Duty. This means that the lock cannot be opened with a wide range of tools, with the exception of power tools, for at least 300 seconds. Electric tools based on battery power are allowed to simulate an attempted break-in as closely as possible.

Integrated Protec² Abloy® cylinder with 2 keys

The Andis 1100 Kingpin lock is equipped with one of the most secure cylinders available. The trailer lock is provided with the renowned Finnish Abloy®. The cylinder is placed in the heart of heavy-duty steel housing. As a result, essential parts cannot be reached when the lock is placed on the kingpin. This prevents theft of the trailer in the best possible way.

The Abloy® cylinder is equipped with the most recent Protec² system. With cylinders equipped with the Protec² system, counterfeiting of keys is not possible without a key certificate. In addition, the cylinder has an extra anti-drilling disc for extra drilling protection. Finally, the key has a rotating ball. This makes counterfeiting of the key almost impossible. Only Abloy® can have keys made. This only in combination with the corresponding key card.

Suitable for trailer / semi-trailer with standard 2 “pin

The Andis 1100 Kingpin Lock has been specially designed to protect trailers and semi-trailers against theft. The lock fits exactly on the kingpin of the trailer. The Andis 1100 is suitable for a kingpin with a diameter of 2 inches. When the trailer lock is placed on the pin, the trailer cannot be coupled to a tractor.

Unique key certificate for reordering keys

To guarantee security, keys for the Andis 1100 Kingpin lock can only be supplied via Navacqs / Abloy®. The special keys provided with the Protec² system cannot be duplicated by a keymaker. Printing with a 3D printer is also not possible due to the rotating ball in the key. The key certificate must be presented to order additional keys. The certificate is a card with the key number and patent number. It is therefore very important to keep the key certificate in a safe place. No additional keys can be delivered without a key certificate.

Expandable by means of alike locks or key plan

The Andis 1100 Kingpin Lock is delivered from stock with two identical keys. Each lock has its own specific lock. It is also possible to supply locks with keyed alike. The cylinders of the locks are adjusted by Abloy®, so that several kingpin locks can be opened with the same key.

Finally, they can also be added to a so-called key plan. In this situation, the individual padlocks have their own key, with which other locks cannot be opened. Only the master key makes it possible to open all locks from the specific key plan. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.