Product description Sealing Wire Stainless Steel 50/30 Spool

The Sealing Wire Stainless Steel 50/30 Spool has the same diameter as the regular 50/30 sealing wire but is made of durable stainless steel. The stainless steel is suitable for use outside or, for example, when used in a damp room. In addition, this seal wire is a good option if high demands are made on the material properties. The stainless steel sealing wire is supplied on a spool of 110 meters and can be cut to any desired length.

0.5 mm core wire and 0.3 mm wrapped wire (50/30)

The stainless steel seal wire 50/30 consists of two steel wires. The first wire, also called the core wire, has a diameter of 0.5 mm. The second wire is braided around the core wire. The braided wire has a diameter of 0.3 mm. The combination of these 2 different wires ensures that this type of sealing wire is called 50/30. The total diameter of the sealing wire is 1.1 mm.

The combination of a core wire and a wrapped wire gives the seal wire an extra grip. When the sealing wire is placed in the sealed lead, the wire is pinched by sealing pliers. Once pinched it is not possible to move the seal wire. For example, it is not possible to reopen the seal.

Stainless steel wire with 13 kg breaking strength

The seal wire is made of stainless steel, type 304L. The material is resistant to all kinds of weather influences without affecting the breaking strength. Thanks to the strong core wire of 0.5 mm, the stainless steel seal wire has a breaking strength of 13 kg. That is higher compared to the galvanized wire. Galvanized sealing wire has a lower breaking strength of only 7 kg.

To be used in combination with seals and seal pliers

Sealing with seal wire and lead seal is a traditional way of sealing. Sealing with stainless steel sealing wire is very easy and flexible to use. The sealing wire can be cut to any desired length from the spool.

To complete the seal, the application of a lead seal is required. This is because both ends of the seal wire are pushed through this seal bob. When the thread is threaded, the two ends are twisted around each other. The final sealing is done by pinching the seal bob with a sealing plier. After squeezing it is no longer possible to withdraw the seal wire. Reopening is impossible. Regular steel wire or rope has – in comparison to this specially wound wire – no extra grip and is therefore easy to pull out of the lead.

For the stainless steel sealing wire, the advice is to choose plastic seal leads or aluminum lead seals. These types of seal seals are also resistant to moisture and extreme weather conditions. This means that the seal also retains its function in the long term.

Supplied on a spool of 110 meters

The 50/30 stainless steel seal wire is supplied on a spool of 110 meters. The compact spool of sealing wire can easily be carried in a toolbox. Another great advantage of a spool is that it is possible to cut just the right length on location.

Suitable for sealing meters and technical equipment

The stainless steel sealing wire, together with sealing bars, forms a reliable way of sealing. Thanks to the stainless steel wire, the seal wire can be used in damp areas. Given the thin diameter of only 1.1 mm, the sealing wire is suitable for sealing gas meters, electricity meters, and water meters, for example. However, the seal may only be installed by a certified installer in consultation with the network operator. As a private individual, it is prohibited to replace seals in the meter cupboard without the permission of the network operator!

The stainless steel sealing wire is also extremely suitable for applications in the offshore sector. For example, machines and safety cabinets can be sealed with wire.