Product description Aluminum Seal Lead

The aluminum seal lead is stronger than regular lead. They are often used in conjunction with stainless steel sealing wire . This combination is resistant to various weather influences and suitable for sealing in damp areas. The aluminum seals can be used in combination with the sealing plier NZT-1P and (stainless steel) Sealing wire. The use of aluminum ensures very high reliability for long-term applications. Because of the material, these seal seals can be used in the open air. The leads are packed per bag of 1,000 pieces.

Strong seal lead for various weather conditions

As the name implies, these seal are not made of traditional lead, but made of durable aluminum. The material is resistant to all kinds of weather influences, such as moisture and extreme temperatures. In addition, the aluminum leads are resistant to river and seawater. This allows the weights to be used in any outdoor situation. For example on ships or platforms in the offshore sector.

The aluminum seals are comparable to lead seal seals. However: an aluminum lead is stronger. The reason for this is that lead is a softer metal. In addition, aluminum is more resistant to weather influences and moisture.

Extra reliable in combination with stainless steel sealing wire

To complete the sealing, a sealing wire is required. In addition to the galvanized steel wire, the seal wire is also supplied in a stainless steel version. Certainly in combination with the aluminum seal wires, the stainless steel sealwire is recommended. The combination of the stainless steel sealing wire and the aluminum seals ensures an extremely reliable seal for the long term.

Packed per bag of 1000 pieces

The aluminum seal seals are packed in a bag of 1,000 pieces. The small bag of weights is easy to carry thanks to its compact size. Thanks to the number of aluminum seal seals in the bag, there is always enough available during sealing.

Suitable for sealing in damp areas, among other things

The aluminum seal seals can be used for applications in damp areas. For example, water meters can be sealed safely and reliably for years with these seal seals. The aluminum seals can also be used for applications in severe weather conditions. It offers years of protection to easily detect fraud.