Product description Sealing Wire 50/30 Bundle

The Sealing Wire 50/30 Bundle is the most commonly used seal wire in the range. The 50/30 seal wire consists of two steel wires wrapped around each other. To complete the sealing, a seal bob is required. The lead is pinched shut with a pair of pliers. The Seal Wire 50/30 is made of galvanized steel wire and has a breaking strength of 7 kg. It is suitable for sealing gas meters, electricity meters, and water meters, for example. The seal should only be installed by a certified installer. The product is available in 3 lengths: 20 cm, 30 cm, and 40 cm.

0.5mm core wire and 0.3mm wrapped wire (50/30)

The 50/30 seal wire is made from two galvanized steel wires. The core wire has a diameter of 0.5 mm. A second wire is wrapped around the core wire. This thinner wire has a diameter of 0.3 mm. This is the reason it is called 50/30 seal wire. The total diameter of the sealing wire is 1.1 mm.

The combination of a core wire and a wrapped wire gives the seal wire an extra grip. Once the wire is placed in the lead seal, the seal wire is pinched. Once the lead has been squeezed, shifting of the seal wire is not possible. It is not possible to reopen the seal. In comparison, a regular steel wire or rope has no extra grip and is therefore easy to pull out of the lead.

Supplied in bundles of 1,000 pieces (20, 30, and 40 cm)

For extra convenience, the sealing wire is supplied in bundles. The bundles consist of 1,000 pieces of pre-cut sealing wires. There are 3 lengths available. The shortest version is 20 cm and the longest version is 40 cm. In between is the 30 cm variant.

The big advantage of sealing wire on pre-cut bundles is that sealing is faster. Thanks to the standard length, the seal wire can be used immediately. There is no need to cut a piece of sealing wire from a spool to the correct length. Not only does this save time, but it also requires fewer tools.

In addition to the seal wire per bundle, the wire is also available on spools. The seal wire per spool is useful when the application is different and the length of the wire varies. The coils are available in 90 meters and 360 meters

To be used in combination with seals and seal pliers

Sealing with sealing wire and lead seals is a traditional way of sealing. The sealing method is very simple and flexible. The sealing wire is flexible and has a small diameter. To complete the seal, a lead seal is also required. The ends of the seal wire are pushed through the seal bob. Finally, the seal must be pinched with a suitable sealing plier. Once the lead has been pinched, withdrawal of the seal wire is no longer possible.

Galvanized steel wire with 7 kg breaking strength

The 50/30 seal wire is manufactured from galvanized steel wire. This means that the steel wire has been given a protective layer. The galvanization of the wire protects against rust. Due to the use of steel wire, the seal wire has a breaking strength of approximately 7 kg. This is the strongest seal wire from Navacqs. A lighter version is the Seal Wire 20/20. This sealing wire has a breaking strength of only 1.7 kg. Due to the low breaking strength, this thin wire can be easily broken in an emergency.

Suitable for sealing meters and technical equipment

Sealing in combination with sealing wire and sealing bars is a reliable way of sealing. Due to the galvanized wire, the seal wire can be used in damp areas. Thanks to the thin sealing wire of only 1.1 mm, it is suitable for sealing gas meters, electricity meters, and water meters, for example. However, the seal may only be installed by a certified installer in consultation with the network operator. As a private individual, it is prohibited to replace seals in the meter cupboard without the permission of the network operator!

Sealing technical equipment and various meters is also possible with the sealing wire. The thin steel wire fits easily through tight spaces.

Alternatively, the Twist Seal can be used. No sealing pliers are required to seal the Twist Seal. This seal has a standard length of 30 cm.